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Autofill framework Android 9 introduces multiple improvements that autofill services can implement to further enhance the user experience when filling out forms. To learn more about how to use autofill features in your app, see the Autofill Framework guide. Security enhancements Android 9 introduces a number of security features, which the following андроид 9 0 apk summarize: Android Protected Confirmation Supported devices that run Android 9 or higher give you the ability to use Android Protected Confirmation. When using this workflow, your app displays a prompt to the user, asking them to approve a short statement. This statement allows the app to reaffirm that the user would like to complete a sensitive transaction, such андроид 9 0 apk making a payment.

The signature indicates, with very high confidence, that the user has seen the statement and has agreed to it. Your app cannot assume any confidentiality guarantees beyond those that нажмите чтобы перейти Android platform offers. Unified biometric authentication dialog In Android 9, the system provides biometric authentication dialogs андроид 9 0 apk behalf of your app.

If your app uses FingerprintManager to display a fingerprint authentication dialog to users, switch to using BiometricPrompt instead. BiometricPrompt relies on the system to display the authentication dialog. It also changes its behavior to adapt to the type of biometric authentication that a user has chosen. Hardware security module Supported devices running Android 9 or higher installed can have a StrongBox Keymaster, an implementation of the Keymaster HAL that resides in a hardware security module. The module contains the following: Its own CPU. A true random-number generator. Additional mechanisms to resist package tampering and unauthorized halva tv player plus apk качестве of apps.

Secure key import into Keystore Android 9 provides additional key decryption security by adding the ability to import encrypted keys securely into the Keystore using an ASN. Note: This андроид 9 0 apk is supported only spc apk 4pda devices that ship with Keymaster 4 or higher. Learn more about how to Import encrypted keys more securely. This scheme has the option to include a proof-of-rotation record in its signing block for each signing certificate. Note: Devices running Android 8.

Learn more on how to перейти на страницу keys using apksigner. Option to allow key decryption only on unlocked devices Android 9 introduces the unlockedDeviceRequired flag. This option determines whether the Keystore requires the screen to be unlocked before allowing decryption of any узнать больше здесь or stored data using the specified key.

These types of keys are well suited for encrypting sensitive data apk adobe store on disk, such as health or enterprise data. The flag provides users a higher assurance that the data cannot be decrypted while the device is locked should their phone be lost or stolen. Note: When the unlockedDeviceRequired flag is enabled, encryption and signature verification can still happen at any time.

The flag prevents only decryption of data when the device is unlocked. To keep a key safe from decryption while the device is locked, enable the flag by passing true to the setUnlockedDeviceRequired method. A locked device requires a PIN, password, fingerprint, or some other trusted factor before it can be accessed. If your app interoperates with legacy systems that require Triple DES, use this type of cipher when encrypting sensitive 1 5 и2 apk. To learn more about how to make your app more secure, see Security for Android Developers.

Android backups Android 9 adds new functionality and developer options related to backup and restore. Details about these changes appear in the following sections. Client-side encryption backups Android 9 adds support for encrypting Android backups with a client-side secret. This support is enabled automatically when the following conditions are met: The user has enabled backup using Android 9 or higher. The user has set a screen lock for their device that requires a PIN, pattern, or password андроид 9 0 apk unlock. To learn more about the technology behind this feature, see the Google Cloud Key Vault Service whitepaper. To learn more about backing up data on Android devices, see Data Backup Overview.

Accessibility Android 9 introduces enhancements to the accessibility framework that make it easier to provide even better experiences to users of your app. Navigation semantics Attributes added in Android 9 make it easier for you to define how accessibility services, especially screen перейти, navigate from one part of the screen приведенная ссылка another. For example, in a shopping app, a screen reader can help users navigate directly from one category of deals to the next, without the screen reader читать полностью to read all items in a category before moving on to the next.

Accessibility pane titles In Android 8. Panes consist of logically-grouped, visually-related UI elements that typically comprise a fragment. In Android 9, you can provide accessibility pane titles, or individually identifiable titles, for these panes. If a pane has an accessibility pane title, accessibility services receive more detailed information when the pane changes.

To specify the title of a pane, use the android:accessibilityPaneTitle attribute. You can also update the жмите сюда андроид 9 0 apk a UI pane that is apk гугл хром тв at runtime using setAccessibilityPaneTitle. For example, you could provide a title for the content area of a Fragment object.

Heading-based navigation If your app displays textual content that includes logical headings, set the android:accessibilityHeading attribute to true for the instances of View that represent those headings. By adding these headings, you allow accessibility services to help users navigate directly from one heading to андроид 9 0 apk next. Group navigation and output Screen readers have traditionally used the android:focusable attribute to determine when they should read a ViewGroupандроид 9 0 apk a collection of View objects, as a single unit.

That way, users could understand that the views как сообщается здесь logically related to each other. In Android 8. This arrangement caused some instances of View to be marked focusable in a way that made keyboard navigation more андроид 9 0 apk. Starting in Android 9, you can use the android:screenReaderFocusable attribute in place of the android:focusable attribute in situations where making a View object focusable has undesirable consequences. Screen readers place focus on all elements that have set either android:screenReaderFocusable https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/1xbet-loader-apk.php android:focusable to true.

Added global actions Android 9 introduces support for two additional device actions in the AccessibilityService class. During a multiwindow update, each window produces its own set of events. The getSource method returns the root view of the window associated with each event. For example, the framework can detect when a pane has a new title, or when a pane has disappeared. Google is committed to improving accessibility for all Android users, providing enhancements that enable you to build services, such as the Talkback screen reader, for андроид 9 0 apk with accessibility ace stream. To learn more about how to make your app more accessible and to build accessibility services, see Accessibility.

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