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Visual Studio Windows The platforms, languages, and tools involved are substantially different, and the effort involved in producing a solution that will work on every platform is substantial. It is also worth noting apk net is substantial fragmentation even within some of the platforms. This is especially true with the currently dominant Android platform. Given that Android is open and vendors are free to make changes, there are literally hundreds of Android-based devices available on the market today.

Many of them work only with specific levels of the Android API. Some of them have issues with apk net that target certain features even within a supported API level. Apk net summary, there is no shortage of fragmentation in the mobile market. This makes the implementation of a native solution on multiple platforms quite daunting. Mobile web applications: the solution for fragmentation? Web applications are an alternative to native applications. All the major mobile platforms offer very capable browsers.

In addition, with the exception of the Нажмите для продолжения Phone browser, most other platform browsers apk net based on the open source WebKit browser platform powering the apk net versions of Apple Safari and Google Chrome. There is excellent support for JavaScript on these browser platforms; jQuery is fully supported on most current apk net devices. Also, increasing compliance with HTML 5 and related web standards is making the browser even more attractive as phone apk development platform.

It is possible to build very apk net web sites that work very well on продолжить чтение devices with technology available today. Mobile web apk net additional considerations Building a mobile web site does not offer the same experience as a native application. Users on specific hardware platforms are accustomed to the enhanced experience offered by native applications.

Such applications are installed natively and are always available мод много денег the launcher surface of the device. Apk net applications also obey user interface contracts on the device. For instance, on Android the left menu button usually displays a context подробнее на этой странице. Users expect this.

Web applications can be installed as shortcuts on the launcher surface for most devices, but they do not obey specific user-interface expectations on the deployed device. Another disadvantage to web applications is they have no native access to hardware beyond what is exposed by HTML and related web standards. For instance, there is no direct access to ссылка на подробности, images, or the camera on the device.

For many applications, access to key elements of device apk net is important. Hybrid applications: the best of apk net and native applications Hybrid applications are completely native applications that embed a platform-specific web browser control. Since the wrapper is completely native, users are not often play apk aware they are interacting with a web application. It is quite possible for the native application to provide a seamless navigation experience. It is also possible for web pages displayed in the browser to interact with native hardware through a JavaScript bridge, a form of which is available on every major platform.

Using such callbacks to посетить страницу источник native platform makes it possible to access contacts, capture or select images, and play media. In fact, anything you can accomplish through native code can be accomplished through the bridge. The bridge code will of course have to be re-written for every target platform, but this is usually a small fraction of your total application code. Also, several JavaScript bridge frameworks нажмите для деталей the most popular is the open source PhoneGap platform, which provides a substantial part of this plumbing.

We apk net not be using any frameworks for this purpose. We will instead illustrate the concept with a simple Android wrapper. Below are some aspects that make ASP. Clear separation of responsibilities The clear separation of responsibilities afforded by the MVC environment makes it possible to have very precise control over HTML output.

Https://sophiarugby.com/fotografiya/olx-ua-apk.php makes it very easy to generate mobile-friendly HTML. There apk net no built-in, self-contained control model that makes it hard to control the markup produced. Sharing most code with desktop or tablet https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/form-swim-apk-4pda-1-7-2.php clients If you have an existing ASP. NET MVC application that targets desktop browsers, much of the code can be shared with your mobile application.

The controller and model code can больше на странице shared almost as is. Only the view needs to be changed. It is apk net difficult to specify a custom view apk net mobile clients even with the current version of ASP. For apk net details on apk net features in https://sophiarugby.com/videopleeri-i-redaktori/tinkoff-mobayl-apk.php upcoming version apk net ASP. Minimal friction with underlying web development model ASP.

Instead, it offers a very simple model that works in alignment with the underlying platform, making it very easy to узнать больше здесь AJAX calls or use jQuery on the client. There is no complex нами du recorder apk отличная such as ASP. In addition to the above, it is also worth pointing out the business and database layers that already exist in your current. NET MVC is completely agnostic about the business and database layers and can work effectively with any system currently in place.

Sample hybrid application We will now walk through a very simple example to illustrate the apk net of apk net hybrid application end-to-end using the ASP. The sample displays information on students attending a fictional university trassir client apk Contoso University. There are a couple of general information links as well as access to a student directory where students can be looked up by name. In order to keep the example clear, the sample does not implement any security or error handling.

There is no complex code since the objective of the sample is not to showcase the power of the ASP. NET MVC platform, but to showcase its suitability as a backend platform for the development of hybrid, native mobile applications. The complete code for this sample is available at bit. Prerequisites to work with the sample apk net ASP. Detailed instructions and requirements are available here. Local copy is not required since the sample code will simply reference the jQuery CDN.

The ASP. They are not required to build an ASP. We use jQuery Mobile in our sample to simplify formatting content for mobile devices. With a mobile site optimized for a smaller device, we can provide a hint to the device that it should not scale but should instead use the width of the device. This is accomplished via the use of the viewport meta tag as shown below.

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