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Print For millions of TV viewers, the sight of model Kate Upton and her lush curves remains inescapable. She rides a horse and leads medieval kate mobile apk to battle dragons. Magid Associates. Until recently, almost nobody in the industry thought a TV ad campaign for a mobile game would be worth the cost.

Only a tiny segment of a broad TV увидеть больше would download a читать статью game, much less spend their money mobileuncle tools rus apk in-app purchases.

A big burst of downloads following, say, a TV ad campaign causes the app to rise to the top kate mobile apk the charts in app stores on Android and Apple phones. That means even kate mobile apk downloads, pushing it further up the charts. The idea of advertising больше информации apps on television began https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/kak-apk-chrome-os.php Japan, where local companies have been at it for years.

Supercell and King are using revenue from their top-of-the-line franchise to successfully advertise its most popular items on TV and new titles too. On a given day, those apps hold five or six of the first 10 slots on the mobile-game revenue charts. Advertisement That has Kuittinen and some other analysts pointing out that because only a smidgen of games make enough money to justify a TV ad, a handful of gaming giants kate mobile apk further distance themselves from smaller rivals.

And a combination of revenue and увидеть больше cash are providing the resources to advertise on television. DeWolfe said the same games he saw on TV were being played by thousands of people on smartphones across the city. Whether the ссылка worked can be tracked by capturing location data during a download. As the costs of advertising on Facebook rise, and the expenses of making a game go down, TV looks relatively affordable.

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