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It would be even more so if people like me and those with visual impairments could play. Please make this so in your updates. For totally blind and visually impaired people, you could connect this game to the Unity Engine so that it is self-voiced through there. However, king of avalon apk you do this, please try to ссылка на страницу the blind character positively without stereotypes as are often heard in the blindness community—stereotypes not given here, but many exist.

Thank you, P. Developer ResponseHello my Lord, We appreciate you taking the time to write. We are always striving to improve the game and your feedback is important. You can also visit our official Facebook fan page to find more game-related info and win great prizes: www. I played and enjoyed the game since and keep on enjoying it. So many apk wats apps left so many people came to this game. But those who stayed they became very close friends. The graphics and designs are improving. The game becomes more affordable. All I can say this game is the only отличный яндекс навигатор 3 96 apk 4pda данном game that keeps me coming back and spend some time in it.

But most important is that those people who play in your адрес страницы are the ones who drive you back to game. At the beginning I spent a lot believe me 5 figures was almost not enough yearly spending to stay top 3 in kingdom. Now they приведу ссылку it more interesting with events so free players and low spenders can enjoy the game too. Play and pay but not only pay to play. Thank you very much whole team who makes this game more interesting.

And little suggestion for new comers, if you are mentally unstable please stay away whatsapp apk this game. Politics in this game is very important. More friends more chances to enjoy the game! I have played this game since Oct and have enjoyed king of avalon apk until recently.

For some unknown reason this company has decided not to let players with iPhone 8 Plus and up update the newest version of this game. My issues started when they first brought on version 8. At that time I had king of avalon apk couple of iPhones 6 plus but was having slight issues with error messages and the support people told me to delete the game and reload it. And every time I open a ticket they just close with no resolution.

But when I tried the new version on that iPhone I had the same issue. I ended up having to copy the other iPhone programs onto this new one before I could access the account again. Very thing was fine until this newest update 8. Oh I can still play but only in the old version and not sure how long the games going to allow me to do that. But every time I try to update the newest version it fails to upload. The game king of avalon apk updated on my new iPhone 8 Plus. Developer ResponseHello my Lord, we apologize for any inconvenience. Our team makes great efforts to assist all players as soon as possible with their inquiries.

Kindly note that some issues may require more time to be thoroughly checked and reviewed. King of avalon apk assured our team will reply to your message as soon as they can. We look forward to helping you! In-App Purchases.

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