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For one, there are no actual linesmen or referees читать полностью or around the pitch, so when you get a card or a talking-to, it makes no sense why you see the referee walk up to your player. I know there is a referee figure running around on the pitch for the console version, but not on mobile. The referee взято отсюда fouls on every little thing. Узнать больше to mention that you basically get нажмите чтобы увидеть больше yellow card no matter посетить страницу if you do a slide tackle without making contact with the ball first.

Even if your foot barely pes 2021 apk the other player—BANG, yellow card. Another small thing I want to mention is that yellow cautions from the previous season still stay with your player after each season. What I mean by this is that you приведенная ссылка get post-match "cautionary" suspensions even if you only get one yellow card that season, as you продолжить чтение a yellow card in a previous season.

This is not at all pes 2021 apk and yellow card cautions should be removed after each season. Konami has lots pes 2021 apk cool games from game boys to PlayStations. This game has a lot of bugs. When I did a goal celebration with Cr7 he started to glitch and his legs and arms switched places and he stayed like that for a full game. Those are the ones that get a lot. Plz fix these problems and I would enjoy the game, more. No Details Provided The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. Information Konami Digital Entertainment Co.

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