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Q What is SuperSU? SuperSU is a universal root solution for Android адрес страницы. However, this tool has now been discontinued for future su apk, which means this will no longer support any updates by the developers. But still, SuperSU is an efficient root solution for all the Android devices to root. The last update by the developers is labeled as v2. This comes up with numerous of features su apk possibilities. We have listed out some of the best features of it below. So, take a quick look over it. Some of su apk actions include removing bloatware, moving apps from продолжить чтение storage to SDcard, managing app permissions on an advanced level, doing system modifications, etc.

You can easily allow or deny them while requesting for permission in the prompt or also by directly from the SuperSU App. App logs Whenever you allow or deny permission of any app, a log for the action su apk saves on the device. You can see the previous log records in the SuperSU App. Using this feature, you can also figure out if any app has allowed for нажмите чтобы узнать больше Superuser permission without your knowledge.

You can select and apply the language settings as per your preferences. And many other features We have already discussed all the major features, but still, there are many по этому сообщению. Some of them include enable or disable Superuser, Survival mode, re-authentication, and Change launcher icon, etc.

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