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See something that needs to be addressed? Suggest an update to this review Suggest нажмите для деталей update Toca Nature Your privacy is important to us. If you chose to provide an email address, it will only be used to contact you about your comment. See our privacy policy. A lot or a little? Educational Value Kids can learn about natural habitats and animal behavior.

Much of what kids learn here comes through observation: what happens when there are a приведенная ссылка of oak trees? A few? How about birch? Or deep lakes or tall mountains? As they experiment with which animals will eat which of five foods, kids also learn a bit about animal diets. Toca nature myandroid apk of all, kids will be inspired by the magic of nature, watching bears ramble about and birds flitter through the trees.

Ease of Play Kids need to explore -- touch, tap, drag, observe -- to discover. Navigation is very sensitive to even the slightest finger dragging. Kids, especially younger ones may have trouble with precision. Actual purchase is protected by a parent lock. Kids can build natural elements -- trees, lakes, and toca nature myandroid apk -- and observe what happens as animals move in and food sources abound. Interaction is slow and calm, just like a peaceful walk in a tranquil forest; kids will need to some patience to quietly observe everything that happens. Unlike a real forest, this one is entirely non-violent: usually omnivorous bears and foxes are content with mushrooms and berries and ignore the cute little bunny rabbits that are hopping around.

Note: The tap and drag navigation is very sensitive and can sometimes be a bit awkward; kids, especially перейти на страницу ones, might need help, or just a bit of practice. Wondering смотрите подробнее Toca Nature is OK for your kids? Join now Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Subscribe User Reviews.

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