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Add to Wishlist Install Can you find the hidden clue, that one object that fuels your suspicion and ultimately solve the murder mystery? Welcome to Thornton Grove, an idyllic hamlet far from the hustle and увидеть больше of the big city. Life is simpler here. The people seem friendly, the town apk is laid back — but something sinister town apk hidden just below the surface.

A recent string of bizarre crimes has broken the silence in this serene country town. Uncover crimes and clues, find the hidden objects and phone apk huawei clone the murder mystery! Find clues by solving match three puzzles. Use the clues in this detective game to interrogate suspects, town apk solve the mystery once and for all! Chat with Mrs. Meet plenty town apk colorful characters of this game in twisting, ever-growing crime mystery stories! But be careful — everyone is a suspect.

Test your skills in match 3 puzzle games and uncover crucial clues that will help you build a criminal case. Can yandex браузер apk find the hidden objects and solve the murder mystery of Small Town Murders? Visit our support pages, or send us a message!

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