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Additionally, the app manifest enables Windows to provide the behavior that the app expects based on the нажмите чтобы прочитать больше of Windows that the app targeted. The compatibility section of the manifest allows Windows to provide new behavior to newly created software while maintaining the compatibility for existing software. This section helps Windows deliver greater compatibility in future versions of Windows as well. Be aware that Windows Player apktv and Windows Vista ignore this manifest section and it has no impact on them.

Windows Vista default : For binaries compiled for Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows, the private pool is used. This behavior is enforced even if Desktop Window Manager Composition is not turned on. Apps with compatibility declared for Windows 7 and later must not lock the primary video buffer to render.

Windows Vista default : Apps can acquire a lock on the primary video buffer, as legacy apps depend on this behavior; running the app turns off Desktop Window Manager. Windows вацап apk файл this behavior продолжение здесь if you do not turn on Desktop Window Manager Composition. Apps with compatibility declared for Windows 7 and later must perform a нажмите чтобы увидеть больше to a clipping window.

Windows Vista default : Apps вацап apk файл be able to perform a bitblt to the primary without a clipping window, as legacy apps depend on this behavior; running this app turns off the Desktop Window Manager. Windows Vista default : Provides the behavior with the race condition that apps might have a dependency on. Windows Vista default : Returns theming as unavailable when in high contrast mode больше информации DWM is still on. Windows Vista default : Apps that fail to install properly or crash during runtime under some specific circumstances get the PCA mitigation.

For more info, see the Resources section. Leveraging feature capabilities Update the app manifest with the latest compatibility info for operating system support. This section describes the additions to the manifest: Namespace: Compatibility. An XML example перейти на страницу an updated manifest: Note The attribute and tag names in the app manifest are case sensitive. Apps that support multiple вацап apk файл do not need separate вацап apk файл for each читать далее. Tests An app can specify multiple supported operating system IDs.

You should add a supported operating system ID if you have tested, or are in the process of testing, the app on that мне smurfs bubble apk mod ошиблись вацап apk файл. Windows Vista and prior operating system versions do not pay attention to these entries.

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