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First I want to talk about the great things about this game. The game is a challenging game and super fun and brain-stimulating. Like the screen is frozen. The screen will then turn black and exit me out of the game. I have to restart the game and enter again. Thankfully the game works fine after that or it would not still be on my phone. The other problem i have is the ads. The political ads need to stop. And considering it takes smart youtube apk на русском less than 2 minutes to figure out a взято отсюда, i should not be shown ads after every puzzle.

I understand you need to make money, but the ads should not be that frequent. Also I think you should add new game modes, like https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/moy-tele2-apk-fayl.php rush or something like that where you have a certain amount of time to watersport puzzle 3d apk файл the puzzle. Overall this watersport puzzle 3d apk файл a great game and you should try it if you like puzzle games and things. There is a few but do you really expect any app to have NO adds without paying for no adds? I do have a couple complaints though. The first is that there are a lot of ads and some of them are too long.

The bigger problem I have with the game though is that it absolutely destroys my battery. Even beamng drive apk a phone that is somewhat old that is жмите, and it has pretty much made me get to the point where I can only play the game when I have a charger nearby.

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