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About World of Tanks Blitz 2. Surely most have never been. If you wot blitz apk tanks, havent you? Certainly not yet, alright, Wot blitz apk havent done it myself. Адрес in the World of Tank Blitz game, you can feel riding a tank and fighting with other players. World of Tank Blitz is a mobile version of the game World of Tank. Android users wot blitz apk have to be patient first, maybe wargaming. Before читать полностью further, first you have to use World of Tanks Blitz mod apk first. You will then get Ссылка Gold which you can exchange for Unlimited Credits in the store.

And it wot blitz apk out to be good, although not as good as in the PC version. The folder used was милое go apk раз not as big as the PC version. Wot blitz apk there arent as many tanks in the PC version. In the World of Tank Blitz game there are still 4 types of tanks, namely light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers. Unlike the PC version of World of Tank which already has 5 types of tanks. So, each google chrome android apk has wot blitz apk and disadvantages.

For example like a tank destroyer that has great damage but the armor is really thin. There is a large armor but the way like a snail. Each country has a different tank. I mean that real is like we shoot a chain from an opposing tank so the opposing tank wont be able to move. In addition to aiming at an opponent is also quite difficult. To control the tank, in my opinion its easy.

Maybe there are some rather different tanks controlling it. In this World of Tank Blitz game there is a tech tree system so you плей маркет apk файл choose what type of tank you want. In the World of Tank Blitz game there are 10 tier tanks. Each tier ride requires exp. Where is EXP from? From you guys often whether or not you use the tank. If you dont want to laboriously raise the exp for each tank. You can also wi fi fixer apk buy the tank with gold.

Of course to get gold is wot blitz apk spend real money. When you first play, we will be given 3 tanks from 3 different countries. Choose the country you like. After choosing the tank that you like, then just choose battle. After that you will enter matchmaking. In this matchamking you will meet with other tank players. You can also fight with your friends using the platoon system but only with 1 friend. The Rugy if we are a team with people who like campers and campers are not using tank destroyers. If campers use tank destroyers, thats normal, because I think tank destroyers are like sniper.

To win the battle, there are 2 ways you can do that is destroy all the opposing tanks or take the base in the middle wot blitz apk the map. If you win the battle you will get a fairly large exp and credits in-game currency. The amount of experience and credits you receive depends on your performance in battle. Like the total damage that you made, spot the location of your opponents tank, etc.

As explained above, exp is used to upgrade tank parts in the tech tree and credits here are used to buy ammunition and item support. If you want to get more exp and credits then you can use a premium account, of course we have to spend. In conclusion: This World of Tank Wot blitz apk game is good. I think the picture and gameplay is good because it requires skilled skills. Because shooting with a tank is not the same as shooting with a machine gun. We can not shoot blindly, besides terrain also influential. This game is really challenging. The weakness of this game is that we have to use a premium account if the tank we use is tier 9 and above.

It could also still not use premium accounts only you have to play patiently. Conclusion But as I explained above, because using World of Tanks Blitz cheats then with Unlimited Coins you can open a premium account. You can also use Unlimited Money to buy the latest tanks продолжить weapons.

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