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Youtube vanced apk for Android

You will have youtube vanced apk wait for some time until it gets completely downloaded. Go to the file manager youtube vanced apk your android device and find the APK file. You will be able to find it in the download folder. Tap on this file. If you are new to this installation procedure, then you would be asked to allow unknown sources or allow this source option. You will have to allow this. Once the app youtube vanced apk finished downloading without any errors, you can open the app! The non-rooted method www kkmoom apk much easier when compared to the rooted method, продолжить чтение you will need читать статью install Смотрите подробнее in order to sign with your Google account.

This process can also work on a rooted android device Жмите сюда the Vanced Manager app. Tap on the Install button right next to the MicroG. This will lead to an APK File which will get downloaded from the secure server. There might be a security window which will ask you to enable unknown sources. Make sure you enable youtube vanced apk. Now, Install MicroG and wait until you see a successful message.

Now, you are allowed читать статью install YouTube Vanced. Tap on the Install button right next to the logo. Install YouTube Vanced on your android больше на странице. Launch it.

Sign in with your Google account. Important Note: You will have to disable the official YouTube App if you receive any error on both ends. What жмите сюда the features of Youtube Vanced: Background Playback The modified app will allow your YouTube videos to run while your phone is locked. Your screen can be off but по этому сообщению you have been watching could still keep playing.

This means — perfect background audio while you clean your house. When you through a rabbit-hole of watching videos about theories of your favourite show — this will be uninterrupted, without any ads. Say goodbye to in-video ads, ads in search results and ads in the watch page. This is helpful for people who would like to multi-task while listening to some of their favourite music. You can continue playing the YouTube video while also using another app.

However, you must have an Android 8. Save Offline Just like in YouTube Нажмите для деталей, you can also save your favourite music videos and podcasts to watch without the internet with YouTube Vanced Sponsor Block Have the introductory part of the video where there is a long mention of the sponsor ruined your watching experience? YouTube Vanced allows you to skip these sponsor messages, helping you save time to watch some more content!

Swipe Controls With YouTube Vanced, you can now control volume and brightness источник статьи just swiping on youtube vanced apk screen. This is similar to what other video players have as well. Youtube vanced apk speed feature works similarly as well.

You can also choose different settings for Mobile Data and WiFi. Earlier, there were some other variants like Pink and Blue, which will be released again based on demand. This feature allows you to force the best quality of a video possible. Pinch to Zoom YouTube Vanced allows you to use a pinching motion on the screen to zoom in and out of the video Some other features include:.

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