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Antutu 3dbench apk for Android

Written By Yash Tripathi Google has removed several apps due to the violation of one of antutu 3dbench apk developer policy. Recently the software supergiant has removed one of the most popular benchmarking apps, AnTuTu, from Play Store. This app was used by many users worldwide to know which flagship of smartphones is doing great in the market. Reportedly, all three apps were available to download until the end of February and now users cannot find these three apps on the play store. Https:// AnTuTu organisation посетить страницу also tweeted about the removal of its app antutu 3dbench apk its official Twitter account.

But in fact, We think there is ссылка на продолжение misunderstanding about it. Cheetah Mobile invested in us in around and became one of antutu 3dbench apk shareholders since then. This is what we are working on, including changing legal supplier. In fact, продолжить чтение Chinese companies have such requirements when investing. When the shares reach a certain percentage, investors will require changes in government registration documents. Henan Branch. Anyway, we have informed the investor Cheetah Mobile asking them to solve these problems caused by them.

We are aware of the issue of Antutu Benchmark apps being removed from the Play Store and are actively working on it.

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