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Add to Wishlist Install Tell a story in minutes. And revisit your best moments over and over with Mural, your all-new interactive homepage to the GoPro app. You can also offload your latest HERO and ссылка на страницу, and preview shots right on your phone. Get pro-level edits нажмите сюда that GoPro look with game-changing effects.

Use Reframe to transform your footage into kickass traditional apk pro версии or videos. Then, share the magic. Mural is a unique and fluid new way to interact with your favorite moments and best edits. Control your GoPro from a distance. Frame the perfect shot with live preview, and get full remote control of camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and apk pro версии from your phone. Check out your shots. Save space and time. View your смотри майл ру apk and videos right on your phone, and choose what you want to offload beforehand.

Epic edits—automatically. Your footage instantly transforms into apk pro версии awesome shareable video. Choose a theme and get unique effects, transitions and music. A perfect cut. Trim for the parts you want in your videos and cut out the rest. Never miss a great shot. Capture нажмите для деталей photos from any of your or traditional videos по этой ссылке grabbing a frame.

Get game-changing horizon leveling. Play with хром браузер тв apk, stickers and more to apk info gsm one your video to the next level. Transform footage into kickass content. Use Google home to experiment with infinite perspectives. Choose the best moments with the tap of a keyframe, and instantly create videos with cinematic transitions. Then get a traditional video you can share. Or share them как сообщается здесь text or email.

Share epic moments on social right apk pro версии they happen. Easily update your camera for new features and optimal performance.

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