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Clean master apk for Android

Keep your phone super clean by all means! Just set your own time virtual apk in iClean and make it running background, it will automatically remove the junk files on your device. Wink apk разблокированный clean cache boost your Android device with super easily one tap now!

Equipped with a super intelligent analytical mechanism, iClean will detect and terminate all the processes that occupying a huge part of the storage space hence boosting memory for better performance. Using App Lock, you can lock or unlock your sensitive apps easily with one tap. With this powerful feature, iClean will help to scan and clean перейти the residual clean master apk including useless videos, photos, and audios of your SNS apps but will never clean your chat logs. Activate the feature clean master apk enjoy a super clean phone.

Find and stop overheating apps to cool down phone temperature. Also, it will prevent your phone temperature from rising again. If you like iClean, please rate us 5 stars! Fingerprint lock clean master apk only with devices running Android 6. Feel free to send us your thoughts on iClean at iclean topappstudio. Compatible with Android 10 perfectly 2.

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