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Most people нажмите чтобы увидеть больше e-books on a Kindle, iPad or Android tablet. Though, not everyone can afford one of these devices and resort to reading on their computers. So, here are the 4 best eBook reader apps for Linux! Calibre Calibre is a full-featured e-book management tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux. People love Calibre because it can do so much, and the fact that it works cross-platform, on a multitude of different operating systems. Notable features Calibre lets users manage their entire e-book library, and even sync it to compatible посмотреть еще devices.

Comes with an excellent set of tools to edit e-books and convert them into various compatible formats. To get your hands on the app, check it out on Pkgs. Cool Reader Need a slim, and quick e-book reader application for your Linux desktop? Give Cool Reader a go! In addition to having a whole lot of useful features on Linux, Mac, and Windows, Cool apk gta5 also has a mobile app for Android.

The mobile aspect alone перспективный, google браузер apk работа it apart from other e-book readers on the Linux platform, and makes it worth using for your e-book reading needs! Notable features Cool Reader supports heavy customization options. The app has excellent font features that make it so users can адрес страницы the text feel more comfortable when reading.

Cool Reader has a companion Android app, which is перейти if you want to read on mobile and cool reader apk computer with the same program. Bookworm Reading e-books on a computer is a lot more complicated than it is on an iPad or Kindle. Notable features Bookworm supports страница modern e-book formats, and users do not have to fiddle around to get their stuff working.

Bookworm can read the CBR comic-book format. Has an elegant user interface that is perfect for new Stitch saga apk торрент users who love reading but dislike confusing UIs. Cool reader apk — Bookworm Currently, Cool reader apk is available for a select few Linux distributions. However, the developer also has a Flatpak на этой странице that works on all Linux OSes just fine. For more info, go here.

EPUBReader is an interesting application because it satisfies a cool reader apk that some Linux users might have, by allowing for quick reading. Soon after, a pop-up window will appear.

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