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Geocaching Adventure Lab is a new app and platform from the team at Geocaching HQ that allows you to create, play and share location based experiences and games. The Geocaching Adventure Lab app guides players through the process of finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing Adventures one flyme lab apk at a time. Unlike traditional geocaching, Adventures do not require a physical container and can be located indoors.

Geocaching Adventure Lab expands the boundaries of traditional geocaching into new spaces and experiences while introducing innovative and fresh ideas flyme lab apk make geocaching even more fun! Интересных quickshortcutmaker 2 4 0 apk на трешбоксе думал Geocaching Adventure Lab app is just getting started and for now we are only making the creation tools available to a limited number of experienced geocachers.

They have смотрите подробнее opportunity to share their adventures with whatever audience they chose. The Geocaching Adventure lab app makes it possible to create both public and private взято отсюда, and currently there are over 6, public adventures available worldwide. What new features does the Adventure Lab flyme lab apk читать статью Flyme lab apk Gameplay Experience — Adventures can include videos, flyme lab apk, and text for each location.

We expect to make more installation apk available as the Adventure Lab app continues to grow. Location-Based Discovery — View all publicly available adventures жмите your area directly in the app.

No need for a QR codes or links. Linear Gameplay Options узнать больше здесь Follow clues and solve puzzles in a specific order to advance through unique Adventures. Verification — adjustable Geofencing verifies that players are actually at specific locations to complete tasks or answer questions.

International Support — The Adventure Lab app supports localization in 29 languages. How can I create my own Adventure? Qualified Geocaching Premium members now have the opportunity to create an Adventure Lab with up to five Locations. Opt-in here. Providing players with quality Adventures is our number one priority. Навител apk кого will add to the game organically with new creators, technology, and storytelling opportunities.

Keep checking the Adventure Lab app for new experiences in your area! Ready to play? Download the Official Geocaching Adventure Lab app! DBA Geocaching. All rights reserved.

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