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The adb shell is extended to support framework res apk displays. You can set these among us devilx86v 1 apk yourself, in addition to the new vertical and horizontal layout attributes, to create layout behavior that depends on the text direction. Pointer capture Some apps, such as games, remote desktop, and virtualization clients, greatly benefit from getting control over the mouse pointer. Pointer capture тик ток лайт apk a new feature in Android 8.

Starting in Android 8. The mouse pointer is hidden while in this mode. The system can also release pointer capture when the view loses focus, for example, when the user opens another app. For information on how to use this feature in your app, see Pointer capture. App categories Android 8. These categories are used to cluster together apps of similar purpose or function when presenting them to users, such as in Data Usage, Battery Usage, or Tv взломанную Usage.

Android TV launcher Android 8. The new home screen organizes video content in rows corresponding to channels, which are each populated with programs by an app on the system. Apps can publish multiple channels, and users can configure which channels that they wish to see on the home screen. The Android TV home screen also includes a Watch Next row, which is populated with programs from apps, based on the viewing habits of the user. Apps framework res apk also provide video framework res apk, which are automatically played when a user focuses on a program.

AnimatorSet Starting in Android 8. Seeking lets you set the position of the animation set to a specific point in Playing in reverse is useful if your app includes animations for actions that can be undone. Instead of defining two separate animation framework res apk, you can play the same one in reverse. Input перейти navigation Keyboard navigation clusters If an activity in your app uses a complex view hierarchy, such as the one in Figure 2, consider organizing groups of UI elements into clusters for easier keyboard navigation among them.

Good examples of clusters include: side panels, navigation bars, main content areas, and elements that could contain many child elements. Figure 2. Note: Clusters cannot be nested, although non-nested clusters may appear at different levels of the hierarchy. If you attempt to nest читать полностью, the framework treats only the top-most ViewGroup element as a cluster.

If framework res apk apply this configuration to a cluster, users cannot use the Tab key or arrow keys to navigate into or нажмите чтобы узнать больше of smart youtube на русском cluster; they must press the cluster navigation keyboard combination instead. View framework res apk focus In Android 8.

Speech output Activities and services can use instances of TextToSpeech to dictate and pronounce content. As of Android 8. You can use this functionality to call attention to specific words as the text-to-speech engine speaks them. To use these text-to-speech engine improvements in your app, register an instance of UtteranceProgressListener. As part of the registration process, include a handler for the onRangeStart method. The text-to-speech engine calls rangeStart to record the point in time at which it expects audio playback of a specific range of text to start. For more information about tracking the playback progress of a text-to-speech engine, see the UtteranceProgressListener class reference.

System New Framework res apk detectors Android 8. Cached data Android 8. When the system needs to free up disk space, it will start by deleting cached files from apps that are the most over their allocated quota. Thus, if you keep your cached data under your allocated quota, your cached files will be some of the last on the system to be cleared when necessary. When the system is deciding what cached files to delete inside your app, it will consider the oldest files first as адрес страницы by modified time.

There are also two new behaviors that you can enable on a per-directory basis to control how the system frees up your cached framework res apk StorageManager. Finally, when you need to allocate disk space for large files, consider using the new allocateBytes FileDescriptor, long API, which will automatically clear cached files belonging to framework res apk apps as needed to meet your request. When deciding if the device has enough disk space to hold your new data, call getAllocatableBytes UUID instead of using getUsableSpacesince framework res apk former will consider any cached data that the system is willing framework res apk clear on your behalf.

For example, a photo framework res apk with many thousands of images can query for a subset of the data to present in a page. Each page of results returned by a content provider is represented by a single Cursor object. Both a client and a provider must implement paging to make use of this feature. For detailed information about the changes to content providers, see ContentProvider and ContentProviderClient. Content refresh requests The ContentProvider and ContentResolver classes now each framework res apk a refresh method, making it easier for clients to источник whether the information they request is up-to-date.

You can add custom content refreshing logic by extending ContentProvider. Your client app can explicitly request refreshed content by calling a different method, also called refresh. When calling this method, pass in the URI of the data to refresh. The most common reason to perform this type of content refresh is in response to a swipe-to-refresh gesture, explicitly requesting the current UI to display up-to-date content.

JobScheduler improvements Android zello на трешбоксе. These improvements make it easier for your app to comply with the new background execution адрес страницы framework res apk, since you can generally use scheduled jobs to replace the now-restricted background services or implicit broadcast receivers.

Updates to JobScheduler include: You can now associate a work queue with a scheduled job. When the job is running, it can take pending work off the queue and process it. This functionality handles many of the use cases that previously would have called for starting a background service, particulary services that implement IntentService.

Android Support Library You can now call JobInfo. This option enables you to associate URI permission grants with a job, similarly to how these посетить страницу источник can be propogated to Context. You can also use URI permission grants with intents on work queues. Scheduled jobs now support several new constraints:.

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