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Figure 1. To make a APK installable on Android 6. The block contains ID-value pairs wrapped in a way that makes it easier to locate the block in the APK. The size of block value then efficiently points to the start of the block in the file. ID-value pairs with unknown IDs should be ignored when interpreting the block. For each signer, the following information is stored: signature algorithm, digest, signature tuples.

Additional attributes as key-value pairs. For each signer, the APK is как сообщается здесь using a supported signature from the provided list. Signatures with unknown signature algorithms are ignored. It is up vpn apk файл each implementation to choose which signature to use gen signed apk multiple supported signatures are encountered. This enables the introduction of stronger signing methods in the future in a backward-compatible way. The suggested approach is to verify the strongest signature.

The format of the APK Signature Scheme v2 Block is as more tv all numeric values are little-endian, all length-prefixed fields use gen signed apk for length : length-prefixed sequence of length-prefixed signer: length-prefixed signed data: length-prefixed sequence of length-prefixed digests: signature algorithm ID uint32 length-prefixed sequence of X.

This is for gen signed apk systems which require deterministic signatures. Signing tools may support a subset of the algorithms. The integrity of sections 1, 3, and 4 is protected by one or more digests of their contents stored in signed google play apk emui blocks which are, in turn, protected by one or more signatures.

The digest over sections 1, 3, and 4 is computed as follows, similar to a two-level Merkle tree. Each section is split into consecutive 1 MB bytes chunks. The last chunk in each section may be shorter. The top-level digest is computed over the concatenation of byte 0x5a, the number of chunks little-endian uint32and the concatenation of digests of the chunks ссылка на продолжение the order the chunks appear in the APK.

The digest gen signed apk computed in chunked fashion to enable to speed up the computation by parallelizing it. Figure 3. The offset changes when the size of the APK Signing Block changes, for instance, when a new signature is added. SF files. When verifying the v1 signature, APK verifier is required to reject APKs which do not have a signature for the APK signature scheme the verifier prefers from this set e. SF files are protected by v1 signatures. To mitigate this attack, the list of signature algorithm Gen signed apk with which the APK was being signed is stored in the signed data block which is protected by each signature.

Verification In Android 7. Older platforms ignore v2 signatures and only verify v1 Figure 4. If the v2 Block if present, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, fall back to verifying the APK using v1 scheme. Verify the corresponding signature from signatures against signed data using public key. It is now safe to parse signed data. Verify that the ссылка на продолжение list of signature algorithm IDs in digests and signatures is identical. Compute the digest of APK contents using the same gen signed apk algorithm as the digest algorithm used by the signature gen signed apk. Verify that the computed digest is identical to the corresponding digest from digests.

Verify that SubjectPublicKeyInfo of the посмотреть еще certificate of certificates is identical to public key. Verification succeeds посетить страницу источник at least one signer was found and step 3 succeeded for each found signer.

Note: APK must not be verified using the v1 scheme if a failure occurs in step 3 or 4. MF and where all entries must be signed by the same set of signers. SF file. MF is verified. MF section is verified instead. All these digests are verified. MF and are not part of JAR signature. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Last updated UTC.

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