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Once a user has linked their Google account with your app, they can take advantage of any integrations that you have developed. Figure 1. You must own, manage and maintain an OAuth 2. Design guidelines This section describes the design requirements and recommendations for the App Flip account linking consent screen. After Google calls your app, your app displays the consent screen to the user. Data to be shared. Use clear and concise language to tell the user what data of theirs Google requires and why. Clear call-to-action. Ability to cancel. Provide a way for users to go back or cancel, if they choose not to link. Ability to unlink. Offer a mechanism адрес users to unlink, such as a URL to their account settings on your platform.

Alternatively, google account apk can include a link to Google Account where users can manage читать статью linked account. Ability to change user account. Suggest a method for users to switch their account s. This is especially beneficial if users tend to have multiple accounts. If a user must close по этому адресу consent screen to switch accounts, send a recoverable error to Google so the user can sign in to the desired google account apk with OAuth linking and the implicit flow.

Include your logo. Display your company logo on the consent screen. Use your style guidelines to place your logo. Figure 2. Account linking consent screen design guidelines. Implement App Flip in your native apps To implement App Flip, you need to жмите сюда the user authorization code in your app to accept a deep link from Google. To support App Flip on your Android app, follow the instructions on the Android implementation guide. Test App Flip App Flip may be simulated using sample and test apps before verified production apps and a working OAuth 2.

During App Flip a Google app will first open your app which then requests читать полностью authorization code response from your OAuth 2. Press Try Flip! Select a response from the radio buttons in the Sample app. Press Send to return a simulated OAuth 2. Production testing App Flip may google account apk tested in production after completing registration and google account apk OAuth 2.

A single Google Больше на странице and a task продолжить email address are recommended for automated testing. Accounts linking state can be viewed using Linked accounts when signed in as the Google Account holder. Accounts may be unlinked between repeated tests from here as well.

Optionally, you may choose to implement RISC to programmatically unlink and notify Google of the change. Send feedback Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see google account apk Google Developers Site Policies. Last updated UTC.

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