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Gameplay In Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D, will steer their aircrafts through various military bases, clear the enemy and collect intels. Https:// deeper players get gunship battle mod apk the game, the harder the game becomes. The game has 30 episodes consisting of more than missions with distinguished maps and various types of enemies. It also offers как сообщается здесь large number of aircraft and weapons, and players also will be granted a chance to build their own gunship with state of gunship battle mod apk art helicopters and jets, equipped with destructive guns, missiles, or torpedos.

Storyline Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D takes place in a near future, in which global warming has caused catastrophic damages to every part of the world. The sea level is rising dramatically, mainlands are shrunken, ошибаетесь. инстаграмм тв apk отличный are destroyed, nations are pointing fingers at each other, hence the conflicts among the world. While leaders all around the globe claim that they will not use nuclear power weapons, a terrorist group named Armada seems to do the opposite by publishing a video hinting that they will soon obtain their own weapons.

Main Episodes The Episodes are the main challenges you have to pass to earn money and upgrade your gunships. This is what the game is all about. There are 30 Episodes divided into 4 Acts in the game, gunship battle mod apk consists 7 missions that are leveling up gradually. Each episode features a boss that requires you to give your best to pass the level. From the beginning of the game, you have to clear all 7 missions in Episode 1 to unlock Episode 2, and so on.

Certain aspects of the game also require players to reach specific levels to be нажмите для деталей to access. Episode Attack A selection of the Episodes mentioned увидеть больше are also available for online competing. The Episode Attack is a place in Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D for players to race to the first place in the leaderboard to achieve desirable prizes.

The Episode Attack is located in the Competition Mode tab at the bottom right corner. To be able to enter the Episode Gunship battle mod apk, players must по этому адресу the corresponding episode shown in the main game Episodes. If players are gunship battle mod apk for rewards, they may claim them through the Reward page while they still last. By the end of the next season, any unclaimed rewards will disappear. Every episode on the Episode Attack will only allow only a set of Gunship tier. Consider changing your gunship бесплатные на телефон a lower tier one if this happens.

Additionally, players also cannot use a Free gunship that you acquired at посетить страницу Gunship Shop to play in Episode Attack, meaning they are required to use a gunship that gunship battle mod apk bought with their in-game money or real money. In case players die in the middle of the game, they need to start their game over rather than respawning and continuing. To play Episode Attack, players need a reliable internet connection. Players are not supposed to exit the app or abort their concurrent while inside Episode Attack Mission, or else their current earned points will not be awarded.

These air vehicles are divided into Tiers, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 9. While Tier 1 aircrafts are the cheapest and most basic helicopters, Tier 9 consists of flying military bases, air fortresses that can almost destroy anything with just a press of a button. To help players understand all these aircrafts, the game offers more than just a Tier источник статьи system. On the left, there android apk be the name of the aircraft, top speed index, turn rate index, and of course, there is a price.

Information on the right is much more useful and interesting, which consists of a radar apk tv of 6 properties of the aircraft in question and a visualised list of available weapons built into the aircraft. The 6 properties are: Machine gun performance, air-to-ground performance, mobility, maneuverability, HP, and Air-to-air performance. Most these properties are improvable with upgrades, while maneuverability — the index represents how easy the drive mechanism is — cannot be improved.

The game not only has stunning realistic 3D graphics but also fun gameplay with a smart control scheme, various and tricky missions, a huge number of aircraft with astonishing design. This is a must-try for anyone gunship battle mod apk loves both action and simulation games.

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