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Vishnu Sarangapurkar Honor 10 Lite is the new budget mid-range smartphone from Honor India that features a 6. The phone ships with Android 9. Since the Honor 10 Lite runs on the latest Android, we have decided to test out the new features it offers. Named Digital balance, this feature analyses your regular mundane usage all the apps on your Honor 10 Lite smartphone. After analyzing, it showcases the screen time on each app you have spent on, which is further categorized to a day or for a week. This helps you manage основываясь на этих данных time more productive instead of wielding away time on unnecessary apps or games.

This is achieved by setting app limits for each app, which you use more often and lets you use it sensibly instead. Home screen settings The home screen on the Honor 10 Lite has various customizable features. You can customize or change the layout grid and allows you to auto along the apps as well. If you have tons of apps lying around on the home screen in hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 disorderly fashion then shaking your Honor 10 Lite allows you to reorganize the apps accordingly. The Homescreen settings on the device also will enable you to disable смотрите подробнее enable the Google feed on the extreme left of your home screen as well.

Navigating Gestures The new system navigation gestures come with multiple options to interact with your Honor 10 Lite screen. Regardless, the usual three key navigation keys, users can enable new gesture navigations that will allow them to use swipe gestures for interacting with EMUI on the Honor 10 Lite. These gestures are pretty intuitive and quite comfortable to use on the Honor 10 Lite smartphone. It features normal mode and vivid color modes; additionally, you can make your screen look warmer or cooler as hwcallrecorder apk honor 9. And, the Hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 Comfort works similar to the color modes, the only difference it is pretty useful in the darker environments or in the night.

When enabled, it eliminates the узнать больше light страница of the screen and makes the screen to look warmer and easily usable with less strain on your eyes in the low-lighting conditions. Fingerprint ID Alongside the authentication, the fingerprint scanner on the Honor 10 Lite lets you click photos using the sensor which can be pretty convenient.

Furthermore, the fingerprint scanner also helps you scroll images in the gallery wherein swiping left or light in the gallery https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/android-google-account-manager-apk.php the photos accordingly. In addition to that, you can pull down the notification panel on this bigger display by swiping down the fingerprint scanner. Moreover, it also allows you to stop the alarm or take hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 call by holding the fingerprint sensor. Any finger can be used to use these Gestures not necessarily the registered fingerprint for authentication.

As the name suggests, it allows you to lock the apps with a secured Адрес. These can be useful in securing your banking or wallet apps. Phone Clone With the Android 9. The Phone Clone app allows you to transfer data from an older Honor device to a new one swiftly. App Twin App Twin feature allows you to have dual accounts of the same app on your Honor 10 Lite smartphone. Users can utilize this feature if they are into handling multiple numbers or social media accounts.

For instance, users can use to WhatsApp accounts on the Honor 10 Lite device with two different numbers accordingly. AppAssistant This is a new feature introduced on the Honor 10 Lite that https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/leyzi-media-delyuks-pro-apk.php users manage games in one place. Apps or games added hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 this AppAssistant feature tubemate apk get optimized systems settings for more performance boost нажмите чтобы узнать больше consumption of more power from the device.

It also features AI mode, when enabled helps you recognize scenes or objects in the frame and enhances the photo accordingly. It also features Night mode hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 lets you take multiple shots and stitches them together to get a better sharper photograph. Another noticeable feature on this device is hwcallrecorder apk honor 9 smile to capture feature, which when enabled captures the photo whenever a person in the frame smiles accordingly. AR Shopping Paired with Amazon Assistant the AR Shopping mode allows you to scan any products or адрес страницы barcodes for that matter, which can be further viewed on the Amazon app.

The AR shopping mode is present in the camera interface on the Honor 10 Lite. App launch feature allows you to pick and identify specific apps and restrict their auto-launch and also turn-off background running as part of the Honor 10 Lite power saving measures. Ride mode The unique feature named Ride mode on the Honor 10 Lite, lets users get rid of notifications while адрес страницы and offer only minimal functionality. Comment what you think.

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