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Report bugs and leave feedback for this game on the discussion boards About This Game Meet the brand new Hired Ops Take part in combat operations, complete contracts and seize dominance in the world of PMC market in Hired Ops. Improve your combat skills, buy and use additional weapons, ammunition and special equipment during the battle. Use all the available arsenal for the selected class to make the enemies change their tactics and fight on your terms.

You can expect dynamic firefights in all parts of the world. A military base игру онлайн apk Iran, a ghetto on the outskirts of Bangkok, a railway station in Kazakhstan, a coastal communications station in the Norvinsk region and other locations will become a place for battle and competition between Читать статью and USEC. Get into the spirit of mercenarism - each fighter selects suitable contracts, performs the most difficult tasks продолжить чтение earns a com android vending in the market of PMCs.

Your income, future contracts, and status among other mercenaries depend only on you. The higher your reputation, the harder the tasks you can get. Play as a fighter игру онлайн apk one of 4 different игру онлайн apk with own developed system of skills and an arsenal of various weapons with a large amount of modifications. The game offers over 80 pieces of modern small arms weapons and over different modules for it. About the company AbsolutSoft has been developing video games since

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