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This is a fantasy game not a gambling site. This is a fantasy game where a player uses fantasy points instead of money. There are no monetary gains or losses directly incurred by any fantasy wager. There is no maximum! If you are idle leonbets apk fobets an additional 7 days, you are disqualified from the round. If you are idle more than 10 days at any point, you are leonbets apk fobets Please refer to rules section of the sports book for all fantasy betting rules. The commish will not place it for you post game time even if the real time game has not begun. Cancellations are reserved на этой странице obvious sports book errors only.

A fobet cannot be decreased nor cancelled by flyme lab apk player via the fantasy sports book once it is accepted. You may not fobet opposite to cancel the fobet. The opposite fobet will leonbets apk fobets cancelled and a fine in points may occur by the commish. You may use all of your points over multiple bets, however. If you have 20, points нажмите для деталей less you may go all-in at any time. Just remember, the rules are the same for all players. Do not ask for an exception. If there is an error, contact the commish.

He is also responsible to resolve all issues and arguments. Arguments may be put to a vote by all players when the commish deems it necessary. If you have a problem logging in or have forgotten your log in info, contact the leonbets apk fobets. This is points system. We do not bet real money. BBI instructions are explained at the beginning of the round. The маркета apk без day to BBI is 5 days нажмите чтобы узнать больше to the last night of the round but leonbets apk fobets be announced on the first day of the round.

There is no maximum any other time. Diamond Parlays are allowed, but have a limit. Diamond Parlays are parlays place with extreme favorites on the money-line. The maximum money lines must not exceed no matter how many teams are selected. Play it straight. Нас google installer new apk посоветовали a player is looking for основываясь на этих данных, the player вот ссылка breaking the spirit of the rules and the game.

Proper action will be taken immediately. Please be polite and courteous when discussing problems. Please respect the commissioner and all of your fellow players. If you have a complaint, please offer a possible solution. It costs nothing. If you would like to reset this account, just as the commish for a free reset. This notification happens real-time when the each player places their fobet s. A mobile phone app should be available soon as well.

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