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By Matthew Читать далее 24 Novp. Image: Microsoft Studios Minecraft continues to be extremely popular, especially among the younger майнкрафт play apk who use it both to майнкрафт play apk fun and learn. So it should come as no surprise cybercriminals are taking advantage and using the Minecraft brand to spread malware on mobile devices. Worriyngly, the installs for майнкрафт play apk apps range from to over one million, proving Minecraft is a lucrative продолжить for the criminals to take advantage of. The fake apps advertise themselves читать modpacks for the game, but no mods are ever loaded.

Instead, the app typically opens once after installation and then waits for the user to get frustrated and close it. However, at this point the app icon disappears making it more difficult to find to uninstall. After that, ads will start appearing in a constant stream every few minutes. These apps also have the ability to open your browser, Google Play, Facebook, and load YouTube videos.

Kaspersky has informed Google about the malicious Minecraft apps it found and most have now been removed, but some still persist майнкрафт play apk others will no doubt appear. Locate the malicious app in the list and tap to uninstall it. After that, the app and the ads should disappear. There are hundreds of Minecraft-related app on the Google Play Store and it can be difficult to tell which ones to trust.

Before installing any, check the reviews and the overall rating for the app. And finally, protect yourself with a highly-rated mobile security suite for Android. More Inside PCMag.

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