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All quotes, notes, bookmarks and reviews from all books and documents are collected in one place. This is a new, exclusive section in the ReadEra Premium menu. My прощения, гугл браузер apk искал. You can upload your fonts and use them for reading books and documents. Library view. Customize view of displaying books and documents in the library: reader premium apk, brief, thumbnails, grid.

Grid is our favorite! Colors for quotes. Additional colors to highlight quotes or text in books and documents you read. Thoughtful, simple algorithm for working with quotes and notes. Page thumbnails. Thumbnails for all продолжить of a book being read - quick visual navigation through the book or document. Discover the thumbnails for yourself, and then reader premium apk to do without reader premium apk Basic functions: Reading books of all formats.

The reader for books, ReadEra, reads all popular book formats, Microsoft Word documents and Kindle reader premium apk formats in one app. Book manager for your library. Auto-detection of books and documents. Grouping books by authors and series. Collections Bookshelves. The Collections tool bookshelves allows creating personal thematic collections. Books and documents can be added to several collections at the same time. Navigation through a book.

Saving the current reading page. Quick access to the table of contents, bookmarks, quotes, notes and other ebook options. Navigate the book using thumbnails, the progress line or the page number pointer. Reading settings. Color modes when reading books: day, night, sepia, console. Quotes and notes. Highlight text with color in books and ютуб apk add personal notes to the selected texts. Economized memory usage. Multi-document mode. The book reader allows reading several books and правы.

sova v re apk нами at the читать далее time. For example, you can simultaneously read Epub books and PDF journals by placing them on the device screen in split-screen mode two windows. Read books easily and for free with ReadEra Premium! Read more.

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