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Yasmine По этой ссылке The app Signal is growing in popularity after Whatsapp announced their new private policy signal apk, but who is the owner of the alternative platform? There truly is no privacy on the internet and even when Whatsapp promises us end-to-end encrypted messaging, signal apk other data will be collected. The policy will take effect on February 8th. Signal is a communication platform, like Whatsapp, and it has the potential of replacing the current popular service.

It is also an encrypted app that allows messaging and calls via the internet, where group chat and video calls are available too. Signal is reportedly open source and its code is peer-reviewed, meaning that its privacy and security is regularly checked by independent experts. People are curious of the brains behind possibly the next most-used app. Meet Brian Acton Brian Action is the executive chairman of Signal ссылка на страницу previously co-founded Whatsapp, before leaving in over disagreements with Facebook regarding the monitisation of читать статью platform.

The year-old computer programmer from Michigan graduated from Stanford University, studying computer signal apk. After, he worked as a systems administrator for Rockwell International, a conglomerate in the aircraft and automotive industry. Inhe was hired as the 44th Yahoo employee. Ironically, Brian and fellow Whatsapp co-founder Jam Koum applied to work at Facebook but both failed. It definitely did them more good than harm. The pair were not familiar with each other as colleagues and after they both signal apk the signal apk, they met each other again at the Sundance Film Festival and the rest is history.

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