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Apps that make managing teams simple This simple tool allows team leaders to improve the way they motivate and manage employees. Features include: Share feedback with your team Get insights into collaboration Identify roadblocks in performance with reports Bonusly As more companies realize that recognition is crucial to employee engagement and performance, the number of tools available to support awards and recognition вот ссылка collaboration tools is increasing.

Bonusly is one of the most popular integrations for Microsoft Teams when it comes to enriching company culture. With Bonusly, you can frequently remind employees of how much you appreciate them through social, convenient feedback. Bonusly Microsoft Teams integrations Bonusly makes giving candid recognition through Microsoft Teams simple.

You can give bonuses to colleagues, review your own bonuses, and check on achievements all within Microsoft Teams. Features include: Send rewards directly in Microsoft Teams Provide teams apk feedback and recognition on Teams Support employee engagement and company culture Decisions Agendas in meetings are crucial to ensure that everyone finishes each collaborative experience on the same page as their coworkers. The Decisions app for Microsoft Teams is intended to bring employees closer together by allowing them to share and create agendas, collaborate on specific жмите сюда topics, and generate meeting minutes.

Decisions for Office The Decisions feature extends the Office portfolio for groups that need to meet and engage in conferences источник. Features include: Add agendas to meetings teams apk Microsoft Teams View the agenda and teams apk agenda topics in the Team thread View meeting agendas and past meeting minutes Save decisions and tasks directly to Microsoft Planner Polly is a simple survey teams apk for Microsoft Teams that allows business leaders to create multiple choice questions, and polls teams apk gather взято отсюда from workers.

You can get answers to crucial questions without disrupting your team. Features include: Real-time responses to essential questions Multiple choice or freeform polls Get real-time analytics and insights CoreView How To Training is crucial. This is true teams apk all walks of life — not just Microsoft Teams apk. However, getting your teams up to speed with Teams pays off tenfold in the long run.

Core View Microsoft Teams integrations These learning paths teach your team members how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams teams apk step at a time. Features include: Access to guidance for people upgrading from Skype for Business Settings and personalization guidance Tips on managing channels, working with files and supporting employees The SignEasy integration from Glykka helps business leaders to get critical signatures and information from employees within Apk tv hd Teams.

SignEasy for Microsoft Teams If you want to make sure that your teams apk members can sign any essential forms in a heartbeat, without having to download additional software or come into the больше информации, this is the app for you. Jibble Without breathing down employees necks, how are you supposed to keep teams apk of what everyone is doing?

Jibble is a bot for Microsoft Teams that allows business leaders to track time and attendance without having to leave the Teams client. Jibble Bot You can teams apk Jibble for everything полезная взломанный бравл старс хэллоуинское обновление apk разделяю analyzing workplace productivity, to figuring out what each of your staff members is working on at any moment.

Karma People need feedback. A little bit of appreciation from a manager, or some basic rewards and stickers can be all it takes to keep your staff members engaged and happy at work. Karma is a bot that records small but meaningful signs of recognition from business leaders for members of your team. This can create a more appreciative and friendly culture within your workplace. Features include: Unique user profiles for every member of your team HR insights for team leaders Performance tracking Micro feedback Sociabble One of the market-leading apps in the employee advocacy space, Sociabble makes it easier to find and engage potential advocates on your team.

This SaaS solution aggregates company content sourced from various channels and creates one-click solutions that your team members can use to share valuable messages on teams apk social media accounts. Sociabble With Microsoft Teams, your staff members can easily click on and upload advocacy posts to their social media pages without having to switch to another app.

Features include:.

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