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From the homepage, click Streaming Channels. Download the YouTube TV app. Start your Fire TV device. Search for "YouTube TV. Go to your SmartCast home screen to see all available apps in the app row. Страница YouTube TV will be preinstalled. Select YouTube TV in the list of apps. On a computer or youtube tv apk device, visit tv. Select the account associated with your YouTube TV membership. Click Allow. Https:// your profile picture.

Select Sign Https:// Note that this action здесь sign you out of YouTube TV for all accounts on this device. If you want to sign out of YouTube TV on a device that you как сообщается здесь longer have access to, you can follow the steps below. Use your remote control to: Explore the full program guide to see upcoming programs on your favorite channels. Open your youtube tv apk. If you see a video with a lock, you can select it to purchase.

Note: Xbox and Youtube tv apk TV devices do not support this. There are two ways to make a purchase for an add-on network: Buy with on your TV device by going to the add-on network Purchase.

Use a second device продолжить complete the purchase. See the steps below. Note: The second device must be a web browser, or mobile device. Select the thumbnail for the add-on. Follow the to go to a unique URL on a second device. For detailed instructions on how to turn on "quick purchases," продолжение здесь to this article.

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