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Facebook Twitter Reddit Watching YouTube on a regular basis and annoyed with ads that make their way перейти the middle of some interesting topic? Then did you ever try YouTube Vanced? Click here to know more and install YouTube Vanced on your device. Until now, YouTube Vanced did not have any issues regarding the ads that pop up in the middle of a video.

Youtube vanced 15 05 54 apk Vanced, you can watch your favorite shows or lectures ad-free. But, now some users are complaining about the ads that are showing up on Vanced on their Reddit page. The users said that the YouTube Vanced was working fine until they updated the App to version Source Not just this one user, many other users also complained about these ads 123 in Reddit threads. This definitely makes us conclude that the latest v15 is the cause of ads popping on the screen. The Vanced developers said that Google recently made some changes to how ads appear on YouTube Videos, so, it кино apk be the reason behind the ads popping читать полностью on YouTube Vanced App.

Also, the developers said that they are trying to fix the issue as soon as possible, and if читать статью succeed, the App should be work just fine like before. Source Some Vanced users affected with the same issue suggested users downgrade the app version to This means that downgrading the App may or may not work for all the users. I went back to the previous version but still getting ads source For most of the part, yes, still got a few search ads source We have to wait until the developers and Google come up with a fix for the ads issue.

Hope they work fast and find a solution to our favorite ad-free YouTube youtube vanced 15 05 54 apk app Https:// Vanced.

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