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Introduction When developing DLLs for distribution, https://sophiarugby.com/sotsialnie/vzlomanniy-wink-1-17-1-apk.php is often desired to have an app. However, the. NET 1. This really leaves developers in a pinch as they do not know if an application is using an app. Background One method commonly used is to write your own XML file and put your configuration info there. This method has several drawbacks. What if you have included a third party DLL that has configuration information that it expects to see in an app. You are now stuck with the same problem.

The Libraries configuration tool adds a line into the app. When you авито 3 6 apk a library class, it looks in the app. Things get ugly from here. This article will explain how it can be done. I want to start by stating the following disclaimer s : It is not a normal practice to use reflection to "patch" back another class.

This example apk naruto ninja impact an extreme case to get around what I consider is a serious flaw in the. NET Framework. Portability was not a factor when developing this technique. This technique is not needed with. NET 2. Using the code The. NET Framework reads the application configuration file into a static hashtable whenever the application domain is first referenced. Once it is read, it cannot be reread or modified. This is unfortunate as it does not allow us to call any methods or properties to alter this behavior.

Not accepting that there is no workaround, I started to snoop into the. NET Sonic unleashed System. NET Reflector. What I found is that you can make the framework reread the config file if you reset its internal variables into thinking that the app.

Doing this is ugly, but desperate people take desperate measures. The following code is a simple class to demonstrate how to авито 3 6 apk this. I will leave it up to the reader to put this in your own code. Doing авито 3 6 apk will make the framework read батарея доктор apk app. It is very important to undo the changes made before you leave. One method to ensure this safety is to wrap your config parameters into a class.

I have added a авито 3 6 apk ConnectionString method to this class for demonstration purposes. It uses the Apk pro "using" statement to make sure that our object is destroyed, and that "Dispose" is called to undo our changes. GetAssembly typeof ConfigurationSettings. CompareTo "1. NonPublic BindingFlags. Static ; if fiInit! SetValue null,false ; fiSystem. If another version is detected, this patch is bypassed. Using the SetData читать больше causes the class to re-initialize this variable and gives us our desired results, including adding the application path onto our filename for us!

Adding the following line to your post build events will copy and rename this file to the appropriate place.

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