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I spent most of my time watching the game play перейти на источник so I would make по этой ссылке. I could not figure out how to delete rooms. You can avoid thieves by going to the map. BlackFyre A good concept but посетить страницу источник needs a lot of work, among them actually having a tenth day to pay the debt.

Also, having the brothel stop brothel empire apk on the map is ridiculous and takes from the fun factor of the game by making time pass AND everything start over. Rayden There are several issues I can see here other than a generic plot line, uninteresting characters, and a cringy art design.

Seriously, WUT? This is the first fix that needs to happen to balance the game. Upgrading the rooms would be a cheaper and slightly more fulfilling way of achieving the goal without maxing out your layout with anal rooms or with double glory hole rooms. This should be edited in the description or fixed 8: Attaining reputation after 32 is pointless as well as having Наши apk button думал actively click on reputation stars is super annoying and is actively brothel empire apk the RTS player inside me.

I would читать полностью suggest using a real drawing program like Clip Studio, Kirita, or Courel. You get like 10 of them and then the game is basically over. No direction, no addition, just the same monotonous cycle over and over. Apparently every girl who is willing to sell their ass is blond. Pretty useless. When you save, exit the brothel scene, and renter, the slider goes all the way to maximum sound and blows out your ear drums. The mini-game is too easy. And apparently the quest for breaking in is broken.

Adding more girls you know to the house break in options would be fun if not for a little while. I can get behind this. But seriously, only a handjob? Just saying. Discipline reduces too brothel empire apk, and training can be spammed in one setting to get the scene. This removes the reward factor from taking the time to actually train the slave. Feeding is what should increase loyalty brothel empire apk of punishment. Prompts should up like "Your Slave tried to escape!

How do you punish her? That would be a good addition if you keep this story line. I can see that there is a lot of room for improvement, an update the the storyline, artwork, and fixing the bugs will help improve for the next installment. Ссылка на продолжение you find something wrong with it, you gotta admit to it and get around to fixing it.

But look at it now. The moral of думаю, shadow fight 2 mod apk нарвится story is, take what I, or anyone here, has to say with a grain of по этому сообщению. We might nitpick over the small things, but fixing them will make the game better.

Lazerdiamond The option to make the payment is broke, as well as the brothel empire apk police quest. I was unable to pay before brothel empire apk game over despite having more than enough money. Brothel empire apk police quest is reusable on each visit to the brothel. I had the tools but was unable to use them.

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