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Easy connect apk for Android

Meet your new crew member Connect to your boat Have your engine, boat and route data displayed directly on посмотреть еще smart device. Easy Connect is our latest addition to your boating experience, both onboard and when planning future trips from home. This is easy connect Meet your new crew member You and your smart device are the perfect boating partners. All you need files apk the app, and the Easy Connect Interface installed ссылка на подробности your boat.

Download the free app Key features — at sea and on land Depending on your engine type, additional sensors, and functionalities installed in your boat, Easy Connect gives you many possibilities to enhance your boating easy connect apk, through both live functions when onboard as well as data and route information stored within the app from when you last читать полностью to the boat. Plan your Вам shafa rus apk один Always think ahead Easy Connect stores all your journeys in the app, including vessel data such as engine hours and fuel levels.

Perfect when planning future trips. Portable dashboard display Easy connect apk style overview Turn your перейти device into a portable dashboard display — a great complement to analog instrumentation. Easy Connect is also great for letting friends and family monitor the trip when onboard.

Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше media functionality Вот ссылка with your friends At sea, there are often moments z media apk telling your family and friends about. Share your experiences and favorite spots on-the-go or from home. Simplify service and support Easy Connect with your dealer In case you get a diagnostic trouble code, Easy Connect lets you access data like chassis-ID and engine hours, making it easier to talk to your Volvo Penta dealer — сбербанк apk mod faster, more efficient service.

Captain view Dashboard — Your quick-view In the Dashboard view tablets onlyyou get a practical overview of the most popular features within the Easy Connect app. The intuitive menu is always accessible in the top left corner of your screen, wherever you are in the app. You can easily personalize this view by choosing which information to show and the order of the gauges. Map — Track your adventure Within the Map view you can check your current position and the route you have traveled. Vessel Status — Support made easy In case you get детальнее на этой странице diagnostic trouble code, easy connect apk will find more information about it in the Vessel Status view.

This includes vital engine related data, which will come in handy when больше на странице talk to your service dealer. Home view Dashboard — Get an overview, wherever you are Access saved data as it was when you last connected to your boat — easy connect apk a quick overview of your latest trip, fuel levels and engine hours. Map — Where is your boat? In map view, you get to see the location where you last connected to the boat. My Journeys — Recreate the moments Route data is stored locally in the app, accessible when planning future trips and sharing trip information on social media.

Status easy connect apk Support made easy In case you get a diagnostic trouble code, you will find more information about it in the Status view. This includes vital engine related data from when you last connected to the boat. This will come in handy when you talk to your service dealer. You can now get notifications to keep informed of new features and current system updates.

In addition, by sharing information through the mobile dashboard, you can provide data quickly and accurately to authorized Volvo Penta service dealers, lowering maintenance time and improving precision. Get your easy connect https://sophiarugby.com/sotsialnie/among-us-2020-9-9a-apk.php Getting started with Volvo Penta Easy Connect is quick and straightforward.

For compatibility, please check at easy connect apk bottom of this page. Step 1. Get the interface The interface kit is easy to install and available for purchase at your local dealer. Dealer Easy connect apk Step 2. For Android, the operating system version must be 5.

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