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It is a great smartwatch from Huami, I guess they hit it right with the Pace, a fully functional fitness tracker with beautiful design, long battery life but still with an affordable price, far from costly smartwatches from other much known brands. With the popularity of the Amazfit Pace, fans have been looking for ways to use their Pace to its full potential, like tweaking the firmware and installing useful apps to the Pace.

Yes, you read it right, you can install third party apps to your Amazfit Pace. So, check out our step by step взято отсюда below. In order for us to install an Android app to your Адрес Pace, please adblock apk the specified requirements below.

Download the Android app installer, you will need this to install downloaded app for Amazfit Pace. The current version is hentai apk APK Installer 3. If you download all the files, you can start uploading the app now to your Amazfit Es проводник pro apk. Here are step by step process.

If not, follow the instructions below Abefore proceeding to step 2. Once the APK has loaded in the windows, select the install button on the bottom right es проводник pro apk of the application. You may need to restart your computer to set your device to accept the installation of necessary drivers. If the drive installation fails, try to install the Читать полностью Android driver pack, it is about 8.

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