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Abgesehen davon, dass die App auch in der kostenlosen Variante grandiose Ergebnisse liefert und sehr beeindruckt, ist das Thema Datenschutz nicht bedenklicher als bei anderen bekannten Apps aus dem Westen. Подробнее на этой страницеHello! We deeply appreciate your detailed response and agree with what you have said. Moreover, we would like to bring your attention to the fact посмотреть больше all pictures faceapp apk war and magic apk deleted within the next 48 hours after they were edited in our app.

We cannot and we do not store pictures that our users upload. The images shared with the faceapp apk are totally anonymous and stored encrypted. We cannot identify you, your device or any other data based on the pictures. Faceapp apk do not use them in advertising nor in any other public cases. No one sees these pictures, they are processed automatically by computers only and automatically removed shortly. We do not have access to your additional data, such as email address, Apple ID or iCloud, or Google accounts. We are happy to have you among our product users!

Please stay tuned - we are working faceapp apk more amazing features to impress you! Yours, Ссылка team Splashblogger Thank you по ссылке faceapp apk positive feedback! We are happy to have you ссылка на подробности a customer!

Vyte Als Grafikdesigner und Programmierer muss ich sagen das der Algorithmus welcher смотрите подробнее dieser App steckt einfach nur WoW ist. Ich war lange Zeit nicht mehr so beeindruckt. Speicherfunktion, gebe ich dies allein aus kommerzieller Sicht sehr gerne aus.

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