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Requirements To use the checkbox plugin, you must do the following: Include the Facebook for Javascript SDK in the page where the plugin will be rendered. Ensure your usage of the plugin complies with local laws, including laws that require affirmative user action to opt in to promotional or direct marketing messages. Review and follow our best смотрите подробнее regarding usage and placement of the plugin. How It Works The checkbox plugin enables you to integrate authentication into a user flow on your website. It has a checkbox that fits naturally with existing forms. When a person is logged into Facebook in their browser, their session will be detected and their name and profile picture will be shown beneath the checkbox.

This lets the user know which identity will be opted into communication with the business if they proceed. It will clear the active Facebook session and present a тв apk dialog. Active opt-in: When a person opts-in to receive messages via the checkbox plugin, the opt-in must be triggered by a user action, such as a button press. Programmatically, you should trigger sending the MessengerCheckboxUserConfirmation event when the user takes this action. Checkbox placement: Place фейсбук мессенджер apk checkbox plugin above the button that will send the MessengerCheckboxUserConfirmation event.

Placing the plugin below фейсбук мессенджер apk button can create confusion, and may result in the user not understanding they have opted-in, and as a result, reporting фейсбук мессенджер apk blocking your bot. We have found that placement above the button results in здесь more intuitive understanding of the checkbox and its фейсбук мессенджер apk. Clear opt-in messaging: Include text near the checkbox plugin that makes it clear it is an opt-in, and explains what type s of messaging security apk, promotions, informational, etc.

Policy and community standards: Your use of the checkbox plugin, including the content you send once a person opts-in to receive messages with the plugin, must comply with all Messenger Platform policies and Facebook Community Standards. This includes ensuring your use of the plugin respects user privacy, and abides by all applicable local laws and regulations. Subscribe to an event to get the state of the checkbox.

Confirm the opt-in by triggering a client-side event using a Facebook App Event. When the user finishes the flow, we will pass this identifier back to you to identify the user. This parameter should be unique not just for every user, узнать больше for every time the plugin is rendered. If читать далее parameter фейсбук мессенджер apk not unique, then the plugin may not render. Whitelist test 3 0 3 apk domain For security reasons, the plugin will render only when loaded on a domain that you have whitelisted.

Refer to this reference doc to learn how to whitelist your domain. Once you have whitelisted the domain, you can set фейсбук мессенджер apk as value for the plugin origin parameter. Check the state of the checkbox You can subscribe to client-side events to check the state of the checkbox. Confirm opt-in По ссылке Opt-in Required The MessengerCheckboxUserConfirmation event must only be sent after the user has actively opted-in with an action, such as button press or form submission. When the form is submitted or when the flow is otherwise done, you must send a MessengerCheckboxUserConfirmation event.

It is not required to verify the state of the checkbox before doing so. The sample code below uses the AppEvents function to call to фейсбук мессенджер apk вот ссылка opt-in. You may pass an optional ref parameter if you wish to include additional context to be passed back in the webhook event. As a consequence, for the Page, the time of the first message will appear as sent at the same time as the response Customizing Login Behavior If there is no фейсбук мессенджер apk in Facebook user, the plugin will be rendered without a user identity displayed.

Clicking in the checkbox will prompt the user to log in. Note that the plugin will render without a Facebook session only if the app is approved and public. Verify that your page has webhook subscription to your bot. Testing перейти localhost is not supported right now. Set xfbml to фейсбук мессенджер apk in only one place. Either set it to true in FB. Follow Us.

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