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Firefox android apk for Android

Comments Firefox Browser for Android is the mobile version of the very popular Firefox desktop browser. The fact that it is a mobile app does not mean перейти на страницу it lacks the power of the desktop program. You can sign in to your Firefox account to по этому адресу synchronize your bookmarks, saved passwords, and other preferences between your computer and your mobile phone.

Much of the functionality firefox android apk the full browser is intact--you can open multiple tabs at once, search pages for a certain text or keyword, print, use incognito browsing tabs, and even request desktop versions of certain web pages. Reader view allows you to read pages more easily on посмотреть еще small screen, even granting you control of font family, font size, and background colors.

Firefox for mobile delivers the same quality of programming that users have comes to expect from Mozilla. Pages with complex Javascript run effortlessly, scrolling is seamless, and navigation is firefox android apk. The menu читать are intuitive and easy to access.

Links to commonly view pages cover the navigation apk поиск слова, and you can even select a home page. Links to pages can easily be shared through a variety of apps, including Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, firefox android apk more. Pros A powerful cross-platform browser which supports multiple languages and operating systems. Effortlessly renders even the most complex Javascript and page animations. Wink apk ломаный Desktop versions of any web page. Apk файл incognito browsing no history or продолжение здесь storage.

Easy to learn and intuitive to use controls and menu firefox android apk. Manage multiple tabs at once and view commonly-accessed pages through the navigation screen. Sync your bookmarks, saved passwords, and preferences between your desktop computer and mobile devices using your Firefox account. Cons The mobile version of the app does not include even a rudimentary debugging tool for mobile page programming.

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