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Gamekeyboard 6 1 1 apk for Android

Version code equal Version 6. You can Find More info by Search com. Brand new version of GameKeyboard. This version supports new "Standalone" mode on rooted devices, which skips gamekeyboard 6 1 1 apk need of switching soft keyboard. Users with an unrooted device can still use the original "Soft Keyboard" mode.

Remind that some of the features are root-only, please refer to gamekeyboard 6 1 1 apk features list for details. Main Features 1. Android TV Box need root 7. Not all apps are compatible, so please test during the trial period. For best compatibility we recommend using BluezIME-compatible controllers when physical controller is needed. Some compatibility issues can be solved with the help of root features, please contact us when having problem.

Please switch back to Soft Нажмите чтобы узнать больше mode or email us when having problem. To user адрес original GameKeyboard Thanks for your support, we are very sorry that we can no longer приведу ссылку the the original version. If you find this app useful, по ссылке purchase this version. Disclaimer All mentioned game titles and screenshots are property of relevant companies.

We are not affiliated with the developers or publishers of these games.

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