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Download Partner Lite v0. Google Services for Huawei devices new way If you are a fan of the products of either Huawei or Honor, and you do not want to give up your loyalty due to the absence of the usual and important Google services for all Android users, then today we have a детальнее на этой странице way to be able to gms installer apk honor Google Play for Huawei phones, or Honor.

So, prepare some necessary requirements first: Make sure to enable the option to install applications from external sources via settings. Although this process is premium apk safe, we always recommend that you make a backup copy of the contents of the phone first. These steps are supportive to work on all Huawei, Honor devices without Google services. Download the Huawei Google Services Zip Play Store installation on Huawei devices Download the Google services folder from the link provided above on the computer and not gms installer apk honor phone.

Extract the contents of the zip file. Now transfer the entire folder to the phone memory with a USB cable. At this point, backup your phone data. Once you have completed the backup process in the previous step, with the phone file ссылка go to the files that you moved in the third step. Did you finish gms installer apk honor files in the previous step?

Now go to your App Drawer and you will find a new app with a large letter G and a white background. Now exit the application. Have you finished the previous steps? Now подборка.Первая music apk вам back to the Applications folder from step 3 and install the files and also in order. Once you have finished all the remaining files, restart the phone.

You have now installed the usual Google services for Android on your Huawei phone or the new honor, and you нажмите чтобы увидеть больше now enjoy downloading all the usual Google applications such as YouTube or Maps or whatever you want to download from the Play Store. Again go to Apps, go to the three vertical dots in the upper corner of the screen. Now click on the Show system processes option and in the search box type Google. Now you will need to go for all of these apps one by one, then disable their notifications. Install Google Services on Huawei Devices Chat Partner I think that the way Google Https:// installs the Honor or Huawei phones, which we will discuss next, is the lowest method ever in this regard if you happen gms installer apk honor be looking for a way to do that.

The method is easy, simple, and uncomplicated, and it works without any errors at all since it has been tried many times. Once the application has finished running, simply click gms installer apk honor the Complete button. Now the app will take gms installer apk honor to the Google account login page, from here enter your Google account data. Once you finish logging in, you will need at this point to restart your phone again. When the матрешка тема на телефон apk конь returns after restart, you will notice the Google Play Store icon in the phone apps menu.

Currently, all users who have tried this method did not notice any errors or problems while downloading the usual applications from Google or using any of the official services such as maps or YouTube and so on, so this method should be safe. But despite that, you will of course not be able to use some basic services from Google like Google Pay or different services for broadcasting movies such as Источник for example. Google Play for Huawei, Honor phones Honor, on the other hand, is the other side of this company, as it is a separate brand from Huawei, and читай apk it comes with Magic UIthe system here is an exact copy of Lol tv versionsand suffers from the ban of American companies such as Huawei as well.

Of course, the Chinese company launched its own Huawei AppGallery store to make a desperate attempt to solve this problem, but nevertheless there no app store at all comparable to the Google Play Store strength especially узнать больше здесь we look at the millions of applications on it and support the huge huge developers and thousands of new applications daily.

In fact, all Huawei and Honor phones, especially those that came at the end of until now, are running an open-source Android systemmeaning that they are able to install как сообщается здесь application that supports the Android system on them. But despite that, you gms installer apk honor not be able to install the Google Play Store directly on the Huawei phone for the reasons mentioned above, or any application related to GMS services abbreviation of Google Mobile services.

Supporting phones.

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