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The company is offering a set ссылка на продолжение AOD designs inspired by various art styles. Each is customizable with different colors and layout tweaks so can make them their own. There are more standard looking clockface AOD designs too. Related: The best Android themes, theming apps, and customizations Huawei also includes Dynamic AOD to introduce subtle movements into the designs. Users can even apply моему girl house apk на русском действительно own still images, live photos, or animated gifs to their screen for further customization.

The idea is to do away with sudden transitions in favor of zooming and moving shared elements around the display. The results ссылка на продолжение not only more pleasing to look at, but also feel much snappier as well. The company looked увидеть больше improve its animations by tracking and reducing eye movements. So, kudos to Huawei, I suppose. For example, vibrations now track ringtones and alarms, pulsing in a similar rhythm. Users can quickly reopen apps in an adjustable floating window здесь hovers over any foreground app.

Large screen devices, like the Huawei Mate XSwill support opening two floating windows at once for even more powerful multitasking. That said, getting used to minimizing apps больше информации and out of the orb takes some time, and I imagine that many users may end up forgetting this feature exists.

For starters, Huawei has revamped app permissions. Background apps are now completely forbidden from using the mic and camera. It is instead relegated to the permissions manager settings menu. Huawei has also introduced new permission access history and app launch узнать больше здесь pages to the settings menu, allowing you to see times and number of requests. The Chinese manufacturer has built new privacy features into источник couple of its apps google play apk emui 10. Memo contents offer a similar locking feature to hide secret content.

Sharing is now safer too. Photo sharing offers the option to remove location, time, and device google play apk emui 10. The Safety Casting feature, on the other hand, prevents phone, SMS, and other notifications from appearing on the TV when casting your display. Multi-screen Collaboration enters its third iteration, allowing you to share documents, watch movies, and play mobile games from your phone on your Huawei or Honor laptop. Здесь to google play apk emui 10 apps are now supported on a single Google play apk emui 10 simultaneously for improved multitasking.

This brings the total to 7 different languages available in 11 countries. What we do know is that we can expect it first on upcoming Huawei smartphones and tablets. It will likely make its debut with the Huawei Mate 40 series. During its Developer Conference keynote, Huawei announced the start of its EMUI 11 beta program for those looking to try out pre-final software. Beta versions for the Honor 30, V30, Nova 7, and others are due to arrive later down the line as well. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you like the way the latest EMUI 11 update is shaping up.

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