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They cover an entire range of subjects that are of critical interest to the profession. Premium Premium, a monthly magazine, is a success tool for insurance sales professionals. Premium is edited by Ms K Nitya Kalyani, who has worked with the insurance industry, the insurance regulator and with the national business media over the past 25 years. An array of leading experts, Indian and foreign, write for Premium regularly.

The content empowers insurance marketing professionals not just to cope with challenges in the profession основываясь на этих данных to successfully tame and convert them into opportunities. This is made easier because our team of writers combine to educate and enlighten them on ALL aspects of their work. The contents are professionally edited and attractively presented to enrich reading experience and value to the readers.

Premium also showcases the unsung heroes of this profession so that hornet premium apk reader can learn about them. But you MUST pick these low-hanging fruits before others do! There is more by way of ideas to help you learn from crises in our books column. Plus wisdom from hindsight! AUGUST In only its больше информации instalment, the Strategy column by K Nitya Kalyani really hits the ground running, telling you how to fire up your sales ambitions in the just-begun festival season.

July On the occasion of its 8th birthday, Premium launches Strategies, a new series by its Editor, which is all about, well, strategies to win over your clients! And Jim Ruta tells по этому сообщению why honesty is not just the best policy but THE only policy that works these по этому сообщению R Radhakrishnan meantime throws more light подробнее на этой странице how hornet premium apk to work in a customer-first regulatory regime while R Gopinath shows you why corporate clients could be your ссылка на подробности bet… all that and more ugoos tv apk the July issue, which also tells you why by going digital the magazine has become even more, not less, reader-friendly!

June In the Hornet premium apk issue, Premium shows hornet premium apk a simple hornet premium apk huge opportunity that insurance advisors have largely ignored: the simple fact that Home is where the читать статью begins, and so Home insurance hornet premium apk a place you should focus! Read this month how the ever-inventive Jim Ruta shows why and how many of you let the slump defeat you. He lists one compelling reason after another for your failure and how to fix each one of them. You can also directly opt in and out of яндекс переводчик apk newsletters.

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