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The shower ceiling connector can be extended so that the shower head больше информации be positioned at the optimum height, even in rooms with high ceilings. The bath spout has been extended so that it optimally bridges the gap, e. The shower ceiling connection too short? Do you want an exclusive one-off? A bathroom product has to be perfect in every respect. You can shorten or lengthen so the product fits perfectly and seamlessly within your bespoke bathroom. By lengthening a washbasin mixer you can create нажмите для продолжения unique and sophisticated floor-standing product.

Logos, monograms and crests in various designs can also be put on the products to personalise them. The operation of showers is becoming increasingly convenient thanks to userfriendly select technology. Jet and spray settings are easily changed at the touch of a button. Select Select technology: Slim, cylindrical handle for intuitive use at the push of constant temperature setting Prominent and elegant black Clear temperature Select buttons for better control High-value metal and greater clarity escutcheon Three different wall valve shapes offer a large variety of combinations with numerous AXOR collections.

Whether you opt for square, soft or round, the clear, minimalist design is common to all products. This is versatile to use and can be harmoniously combined. The concealed thermostat has a sleek, ergonomic and beautifully simplistic design. It is flat, gently rounded and generously ibox 491 apk. It conveys a sense of spaciousness in the ibox 491 apk and has a calming effect. A XOR One can be combined with one, two or больше на странице outlets. Thanks to thermostatic apk manager, the water temperature stays constant even when the water pressures fluctuate.

An effective protection against a hot or cold shock. Incidentally, the A XOR ShowerSelect thermostats come in three design styles soft, square and roundwhich means they can be fitted in every bathroom and can be combined приложения pro the majority of the A XOR Collections. The AXOR brand presents itself on its new website while offering visitors an inspirational digital experience. You can navigate quickly, directly and easily to all product information and to our international references and renowned design partners.

You will also find information about the brand and its exclusive services. Planning data and dimensional drawings can be found for all products quickly and easily, regardless of which end device is used. A shop finder function helps consumers to locate the right retail partner straight away. Direct links lead to the online planning tool iSpecify, the spare parts catalogue and all A XOR social media channels. All the ibox 491 apk collections, references and designers priate product data can be gathered directly via the various navigation ibox 491 apk the technical data and drawings points.

The product overview gives you downloaded. Нажмите для продолжения inspired! The A XOR International reference projects in areas Res apk was ibox 491 apk with the support of ranging from hotels, private housing the Ibox 491 apk architects platform. Code no.

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