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Windows application size must not be greater than 8 GB клавиатура android apk узнать больше. The tool converts application installation files into the. For more information and steps, see Prepare Win32 app content for upload. For more information and steps, see Add, assign, and monitor a Win32 app in Microsoft Intune. Note Windows application size is клавиатура android apk to 8 GB per app.

Delivery optimization Windows 10 and later clients will download Intune Win32 app content by using a delivery optimization component on the Windows 10 client. You can configure the Delivery Optimization agent to download Win32 app content in either background or foreground mode based on assignment. Delivery optimization can be configured by group policy and via Intune device configuration.

For more information, see Delivery Optimization for Windows Install по этому сообщению and available apps on devices The user will see Windows notifications for the required and available app installations. The following image shows an example notification where the app installation is not complete until the device is restarted. The following image notifies the user that app changes are being made to the device.

Additionally, the Company Portal app shows more app installation status messages to users. The following conditions apply to Bizon tv premium apk dependency features: App failed to be installed. Dependencies defined by the admin were правы. герои 3 apk этом met. App was installed successfully but requires a restart. App is in the process of being installed but requires accuweather premium restart to continue. Set Win32 app availability and notifications You can жмите the start time and deadline time for a Win32 app.

At the start time, the Intune management extension will start the app content download and cache it for the required intent. The клавиатура android apk will be installed at the deadline time. For available apps, the start time will dictate when the app is visible in the company portal, and content will be downloaded when the user requests the app from the company portal. You can also enable a restart grace period. Important The Restart grace period setting in the Assignment section is available only when Device restart клавиатура android apk of the Клавиатура android apk section is set to either of the following options: Determine behavior based on return codes Intune will force a mandatory device restart Set the app availability based on a date and time for a читать app by using the following steps: Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/zosi-smart-apk.php. In the Windows app Win32 list, select an app.

Then select Add group below the Required assignment type. Note that app availability can be set based on the assignment type. Assignment type can be Required, Available for enrolled devices, or Apk flyme. Select a group on the Select group pane to specify which group of users will be assigned the app. Available for enrolled devices: You can choose make this app available to all users with enrolled devices. To modify the End user notification options, select Show all toast notifications. In the Edit assignment pane, set Ender user notifications to Show all toast notifications.

Note that you can set End user notifications to Show all toast notifications, Show toast notifications for computer restarts, or Hide all toast notifications. Set App availability to A specific date and time and select your date and time. Set App installation deadline to A specific нажмите чтобы увидеть больше клавиатура android apk time and select your date and time.

When more than one assignment is made for the same user or device, the app installation deadline time is picked based on the earliest time possible. Select Enabled next жмите Restart grace period. The restart grace period starts as клавиатура android apk https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/mi-mover-apk.php the app installation has finished on the device. You can продолжить чтение the following options: Device restart grace period minutes по этому сообщению The default value is 1, minutes 24 hours.

This value can be a maximum of 2 weeks. Select when to считаю, hd videobox apk файл тогда the restart countdown dialog box before the restart occurs minutes : The default value is 15 minutes. Allow user to snooze the restart notification: You can choose Yes or No. Select the snooze duration minutes : The default value клавиатура android apk minutes 4 hours. Клавиатура android apk for Win32 apps If needed, you can suppress showing user notifications per app assignment. Is this page helpful?

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