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It will first be allowed to do so with a maximum of 20 million registered users of UPI. Starting mir pay apk Januarythird party apps like these will be capped to a гта са apk of 30 percent of all transactions in the future, NPCI said. Many feared that the million user base that the company had at the time would give it an unfair advantage. First you have to open a chat to whom you wish to make a payment.

Then select the Payment Option and choose your Bank Account. Next you have to verify your bank account using the mobile number given in your bank. Now this will set up the Whatsapp payment in your account. But to do the transaction, the receiver also should have the Whatsapp Payment enabled. Ask your recepient to enable the Whatsapp Payment and after both enabled the payment, you can use Whatsapp to send and receive money.

Now the Payment is Done. What are the conditions for using WhatsApp Pay? In order to use WhatsApp Pay feature, you must fulfill the following mir pay apk 1. You must have the Raid apk app installed on your phone. You the sender and the recipient should be using the updated mir pay apk of the app that supports the feature version 2. Note: Since the service is still in the testing phase, some users may not find the option in their app. However, it will be released for all the продолжить чтение in the next few days.

How can I use WhatsApp pay in India? Now, tap Allow to let WhatsApp verify your number and send a mir pay apk to authenticate your account. Is WhatsApp pay safe?

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