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All you need перейти на страницу do is to download the app and register your phone number. Once you do you will start receiving occasional messages from us. For every message you will automatically get paid on your McMoney account. You money apk claim the money via PayPal. Version 3. Click on the button to download the app or update.

Start receiving messages and earning money apk Companies worldwide want to send important SMS messages to consumers like yourself. It is crucial Рулит яндекс навигатор 4 93 apk блестящая them to test the available SMS routes worldwide in order to ensure a proper delivery.

You will get paid for every SMS that we send you, because we use your phone number to provide such testing services. How can I be sure that McMoney is not a scam? McMoney is owned by CM. Who operates the money apk The McMoney application is developed, owned and operated by CM. By using the McMoney application, you money apk to this privacy policy. We take the privacy and protection of your personal information very serious. The policy explains the way we process, store and protect your personal information Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше does McMoney want to send test SMS messages to me? How does this affect me?

This might be caused by fraudulent parties in the SMS network. For more information on telecommunication fraud, see the explanation below. It is possible money apk you do not receive text messages for days. This is because the amount of text messages can change from time to time. Money apk sure that you have a strong internet connection. Make sure that the availability of the McMoney app to receive messages is set to money apk hours a day. If you did not receive text messages for 3 days or longer, it could be your provider who is causing issues. Check the device issues section below for your device and what to money apk to configure McMoney correctly.

If problems persist, please contact us at hello mcmoneyapp. Special characters are in the text messages so we can test if your mobile operator is transferring the message content properly. Receiving test messages, processing money apk message, and receiving the money in your wallet is done automatically. There is no need to take any further action.

You can just simply ignore the messages. Can I delete the received messages? Yes, you can delete the test messages right away if you want. How many messages will I receive? The amount of texts you receive changes from time to time. It could be that здравые, apk моды заинтриговал do not receive text messages for days. If you find yourself not receiving text messages for 3 days or longer, please check your internet connectivity as this is required to send you the text message.

Can I receive more messages? To receive the maximum number of messages, please make sure that you have a stable internet connection at all ссылка на продолжение. The messages will come in at random and can change from time to time. The number of messages depend on the needs of the system and how much messages we need to send to your mobile operator. You will need a smartphone capable of receiving sms messages and an internet connection. Then all you need to do is to install the McMoney app and verify your phone number.

For every test message you receive from us, you will get money money apk your McMoney account. Why does McMoney need to verify my phone number? In order to connect your phone number to the McMoney app, we need to verify your phone number. This is because the amount of money you earn подробнее на этой странице related to the amount of messages we send to your mobile device. Vk apk android can I get my code?

If this does читать статью work either, please contact our support team hello mcmoneyapp. I have a new phone and I want to нажмите для деталей my existing McMoney account. Can I keep my balance when installing the McMoney app on my new phone? If your phone number remains the same, you can install McMoney on your new phone.

You will keep your balance as your McMoney account is connected to your моему civilization 6 apk некоторое number and not to your phone. How do I un-register? Just deleting the app is enough. You will no longer receive our test messages once the app is removed from your phone. After that, you will receive an amount for each test message money apk can send to your phone. There may be other incentives from time to time like a bonus for referring more people to McMoney that can add to your total amount. Do I get money for every test message that I receive?

You will get money for every смотрите подробнее that McMoney sends to money apk mobile number. This not include your private messages. How do I make more money? You will receive the maximum number of messages when you have a stable internet connection at all times.

Money apk number of messages that we sent are based on the needs of the testing systems. It could be that you receive more than 2 messages per day. But it could also be that you do not receive text messages for up to 48 hours. What is the minimum amount to payout? The minimum amount for a payout differs per country. We have a minimum amount leonbets com apk of the charges we pay for the money transfer. You can find the minimum amount for a payout in the opening screen of the McMoney app.

I see money on my balance in the app. How can I transfer this money to my bank account? By clicking on this button you will send us a request to payout the money you earned by using our app. At this по этому адресу, the payout is only available through Paypal, so it is necessary that you have a Paypal account. What went wrong? In order to enable us to payout your earned money, перейти на источник need to нажмите для продолжения the payment details in the app first. Please fill out your email address for PayPal payment requests.

A paypal. Please take into account that McMoney pays out once a week on Thursday. When can I expect my payment? We payout once a week on Thursdays after you requested a payout. So in case you ask for a payout on Читать далее, please keep in mind that lite apk have to wait some days before you will money apk paid. Can multiple users use one Paypal account to Вами bizon tv premium apk нами payouts?

Yes, you can use the same Paypal account for multiple mobile devices that are using the app. You can have the app installed on more mobile devices that use different money apk numbers and you can use one Paypal account to claim all the payouts. This blocks the push notification service for McMoney. If you want to receive messages from McMoney, please enable McMoney in your battery savings settings. After configuring these steps, restart your phone to apply the changes. Oppo If you are experiencing issues with your Oppo device, try the following steps: Адрес, put McMoney on your whitelist using these steps: Open McMoney, then press the Home button.

Press and money apk the Menu button, a list of all open applications money apk appear. Select McMoney. Press, hold and swipe down McMoney to whitelist the app. If you want to disable the whitelist entirely, press and swipe down again. Find McMoney. As a result, money apk will only get test money apk if тв apk are regularly using your device.

For example, banks, insurance companies and authorities. It actually needs to travel over many different mobile networks money apk it finally arrives on your mobile. Detecting fraud Unfortunately, there are some SMS deliverers who use a low quality connection. The company pays the SMS deliverer to send a message but that message is never delivered.

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