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Together with Samsung, we have continued to evolve по этой ссылке form factor, releasing five versions of the headset and expanding compatibility to more than 20 smartphones. Gear VR has enabled people all over the world to experience virtual reality for the first time. While many people читать полностью enjoy Gear VR, our focus for developers has now shifted to delivering the best experience for our more recent devices.

This does not mean all Gear VR developer support is ending, жмите nothing changes for development on our other devices. Of course, people who own Gear VR headsets can continue using them as usual, but as John Carmack stated during his OC6 keynotewe will be winding down support for Gear VR software oculus gear vr apk the future. We will keep you informed oculus gear vr apk future changes as they arise.

Это boom 5 23 apk откровенно gave us Mobile Asynchronous Timewarp and helped us optimize core system software. Teams built fast path rendering pipelines that have never before existed on a mobile chipset. With the growing momentum of all-in-one and PC VR, we are confident that these are the platforms where developers stand to be the most successful and oculus gear vr apk continue to target moving forward. The future is bright for VR technology and we look forward to continuing this journey with you. Whatsapp последняя if I ship an Oculus Go app?

Will Gear VR users be able to use it? Otherwise it will only appear in the Oculus Go store. What does this mean for my existing audience? A: All Gear VR games and applications continue to be supported so people can still download and experience your title. When I upgrade UE4 to a new version will my application still function as intended?

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