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Qiwi wallet apk 4 0 for Android

Download Mobile payment systems such as Android Pay or PayPal are becoming more and more popular by the day. But apart from the latter, we have to mention other services launched by different banking entities and financial operators. QIWI Wallet: secure mobile payments It offers us its app Visa QIWI Wallet, an application that by qiwi wallet apk 4 0 of registering a phone number and associating a credit or online banking card, allows us to charge our account to pay for thousands of different services.

In other words, a platform very similar to PayPal. Therefore, we нажмите чтобы прочитать больше configure a virtual Visa card for free, qiwi wallet apk 4 0 well as being able to make the most of NFC technology for contactless payments. Pay quickly and safely without requiring any cash.

Thanks to this application you can pay for over 11, different services. These are just a few examples: Pay on google fit leisure platforms such as Vapor, World of Tanks, Warface… Purchase movie or concert tickets. Instant money transfers from Yandex. Money or Western Union, amongst others. Pay telephone, electricity or gas bills to Rostelecom or Gazprom. Pay traffic fines or parking in Moscow, taxes, schools Pay in online stores of the likes of AliExpress. Withdraw money without queuing up at banks such as Sberbank or Alfa-Bank.

Requirements and additional information:.

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