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Setting apk 6 0 for Android

New Icon class that you can attach to your notifications via the setSmallIcon and setLargeIcon methods. Similarly, the addAction method now accepts an Icon object instead setting apk 6 0 a drawable resource ID. New getActiveNotifications setting apk 6 0 that allows your apps to find out which of their notifications are currently alive. Bluetooth Stylus Support This release provides improved support for user input using a Bluetooth stylus.

Users can pair and connect a compatible Bluetooth stylus with their phone or tablet. While connected, position information from the touch screen is fused with pressure and button information from the stylus to provide a greater range of expression than with the touch screen alone. Your сайта easy apk telegram себе can listen for stylus button presses and perform secondary actions, by registering View.

OnContextClickListener objects in your activity. For apps targeting Android 6. Improved Bluetooth Low Energy Scanning If your app performs performs Bluetooth Low Energy scans, use the new setCallbackType method to specify that you want the system to notify callbacks when it first finds, or sees after a long time, an advertisement packet matching the set ScanFilter. Hotspot 2. To provision Hotspot 2. Setting apk 6 0 new isPasspointNetwork method indicates продолжение здесь a detected network represents a Hotspot 2.

To query the current physical resolution, use the new Display. Mode APIs. If the UI is drawn at a lower logical resolution and is upscaled to a larger physical resolution, be aware that the physical resolution the getPhysicalWidth method returns may differ from the logical resolution reported by getSize. This feature is useful if you want to switch to 4K display resolution.

While in 4K display mode, the UI continues to be rendered at the original resolution such as p and is upscaled to 4K, but SurfaceView objects may show content at the native resolution. The Resources. If you are calling these APIs, call the new Context. These methods are also available in the v4 appcompat library via ContextCompat. New AudioRecord. Builder and AudioTrack.

Builder classes to create digital audio capture and playback objects respectively, and configure audio source and sink properties to override the system defaults. API hooks for associating audio and input devices. This is particularly useful if mozilla apk app allows users to start a voice search from setting apk 6 0 game controller or remote control connected to Android TV. The system invokes the new onSearchRequested callback when the user starts a search.

New getDevices method setting apk 6 0 lets you retrieve a list of all продолжить чтение devices currently connected to the system. You can also register an AudioDeviceCallback object if you want the system to notify your app when an audio device connects or disconnects. Setting apk 6 0 Features This release adds new capabilities to the minecraft apk игру processing APIs, including: New MediaSync class which helps applications to synchronously render audio and video streams.

The audio buffers are submitted in non-blocking fashion and are returned via a callback. It also supports dynamic playback rate. If your app uses DRM sessions, you should handle setting apk 6 0 event and make sure not to use a reclaimed session. With this exception, the codec must be released, as it has moved to terminal state.

New getMaxSupportedInstances interface to get a hint for the max number of the supported concurrent codec instances. New setPlaybackParams method to set the media playback rate for fast or slow motion playback. It also stretches or speeds up the audio playback automatically in conjunction with the video. The app does not have exclusive ownership of the flash unit or the camera device. The torch mode is turned off and becomes unavailable whenever the camera device becomes unavailable, or when other camera resources keeping the torch on become unavailable. Other apps can also call setTorchMode to turn off the torch mode.

When the last app that turned the torch mode is closed, the torch mode is turned off. You can register a callback to be notified about torch mode status by calling the registerTorchCallback method. The first time the callback is registered, it is immediately called with the torch mode status of all currently known camera devices with a flash unit.

If the torch mode is turned увидеть больше or off successfully, the onTorchModeChanged method is invoked. If a device supports reprocessing, you can create a reprocessable camera capture session by calling createReprocessableCaptureSessionand create requests for input buffer reprocessing. Use the ImageWriter class to connect the input buffer flow to the camera reprocessing input. To get an empty buffer, follow this programming model: Call the dequeueInputImage method. Fill the data into the input buffer.

Send the buffer to the camera by calling the queueInputImage method. This support allows your app to maintain a circular image queue of ImageReader output images, select one or more images, and send them to the ImageWriter for camera reprocessing. Disable or re-enable the status bar including quick settings, notifications, and the navigation swipe-up gesture that launches Google Now with the setStatusBarDisabled method.

You can now provision devices through 4pda app games apk Device Owner that fetches and installs apps without user interaction. This feature is useful for enabling one-touch provisioning of kiosks or other such devices without activating a Google account. Silent enterprise certificate access: When an app calls choosePrivateKeyAliasprior to the user being prompted to select a certificate, the Profile or Device Owner can now call the onChoosePrivateKeyAlias method to setting apk 6 0 the alias silently to the requesting application.

This feature lets you grant managed apps access to certificates without user interaction. Auto-acceptance of system updates. By setting a system update policy with setSystemUpdatePolicya Device Owner can now auto-accept a system update, for instance in the case of a kiosk device, or postpone the update and prevent it being taken by the user for up to 30 days. Furthermore, an administrator can set a daily time window in which an update must be taken, for example during the hours when a kiosk device setting apk 6 0 not in use. When a system update is available, the system checks if the device policy controller app has set a system update policy, and behaves accordingly.

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