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It is difficult to play without investing some money but you can do it. Graphics are very good. Very life like. My biggest issues are some of the players see this as more than just a game and can get nasty while playing or in the chat room. I can understand getting angry if you lost your job, wrecked your car, or lost someone close to you. But the bottom line is this is just a game. So we should treat it as just a game. At least you can blacklist стейт оф сурвивал 1 9 5 apk nasty. The other thing that bothers me is the team matching. It really does not work. Узнать больше find myself constantly on a lower tier.

Some times I will use the same tank and go through six подробнее на этой странице seven matches and be on the lower tier every match. Then there is the stacked teams on the week ends and nights. It is difficult to get a win during those times. Fix it so that the matches are even and стейт оф сурвивал 1 9 5 apk tank you go into battle with is ссылка на подробности a lower tier every other match and that would be great. And that players would stop with the insults and nasty messages. But over all a good game with lots of promise.

Second you have to learn https://sophiarugby.com/videopleeri-i-redaktori/player-apk.php to fight against every tank. Premium tanks on paper are better than their regular counterparts, but they still have weaknesses. Your never going to win a battle with a premium tank if you just sit out in the open and shoot take стейт оф сурвивал 1 9 5 apk hit shoot take a hit.

You will most likely lose. Try flanking the enemy tank or peek-a-boo tactic. If your gun has high damge per shot and the premium tank has a low damage gun try to make наш ai apk это shoot at a small part of your tank by peeking out from around a buidling slightly. Once they стейт оф сурвивал 1 9 5 apk if they hit you or not pull out, aim, and fire. На этой странице will do more damage to them then they can do to you. This game is not hard. Just use common sense. After that just wait until reload and repeat.

Just going to let you know that I am NOT someone who has played for 2 months and decide to write a reveiw. I have played blitz and the regular version of world of tanks on pc for over 4 years. You just have to learn how to get better at the game. Every https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/fayl-ustanovshik-apk.php has pros and cons. Wanna deal with pesky light tanks? Get the kv-2 ; Ps. I will say I liked the game much more without the unrealistic camos and tanks, but they add an interesting mix.

In theory you start with no currency credits or gold. In reality you can buy both, plus tanks. So instead of learing to детальнее на этой странице starting with the low ничем как установить скачанный apk уже tanks and enjoying what used to make the game good knowing where to shoot, how to hide, and how to play the wide variety of tanks you can jump right in at a competitive tier.

Factor in the algorthim treats winning and losing differently as it chooses teams and you can lose an incredible number of games in a row, even though your consistently doing top damage on the team. Keep playing and the algorithim will keep matching you with losers. For now, avoid at all costs. Data Какие секс apk извиняюсь to You The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: Purchases.

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