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Featuring the sexy Neva entering the VR world, Virtual Lust will be available as an interactive app for Android on May 7th with a video version available later in the month. As we approach the release of Virtual Lust in the Affect3D Store, we wanted to give you, our loyal viewers, the chance to win yourself a copy of this groundbreaking title! The Источник Lust Giveaway Contest! To enter, choose ONE of the following questions and provide an answer in the comment section below. If multiplayer VR 3DX games were a thing, would the real life gender of the other players matter to you or not? In the trailer above, Neva turns on her VR headset, gets aroused immediately by what she sees.

Вот ссылка would be the most outlandish thing that turns on Neva in a VR setting? Think outside the box. Please be sure to include the question in your comment and the prize Android or MP4. You can answer the question however you like, though please be considerate with your answer as the judges will перейти на источник to go each viable entry.

Virtual lust neva apk will have until May 4th to enter with the winners announced on May 6th! Prizes Three winners one for each question will select between the Android version or the MP4 version of Virtual Lust.

Please note: The Virtual lust neva apk version will not include the interactivity the Android version will provide. Virtual lust neva apk because of the later release, you will receive it at a later date compared to the Android version. Winners can be found here. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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